Simon Cowell Confirms: Mariah Will Not Judge X Factor!

Simon Cowell recently sat down with Extra to discuss the changes made for the second season of The X-Factor. In this interview, he confirms that Mariah is not in the running to replace any of the judges who have exited the show:

“No. She’s not on the list [of potential judges], because I don’t think Mariah would make that commitment. I really, really don’t. You know, she just had kids. Like I said, you have to work five days a week on this show, and you’ve got to do all the traveling as well. So I’m just putting out that she will not be on the list. I adore her. I would love her, but you can’t expect someone who’s just had two kids, has got a record career, to make the kind of commitment you would need on this show.”

Source: EXTRA

I guess it makes sense, we all would love to see Mimi on the show but 5 days a week, the flights, the schedule… Mariah’s working on a new album and is expected to make a few big screen appearances this year on top of those cute lil twins she’s learning to take care of..


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