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Beyonce Carrying Around Fake Baby???

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Does Blu Ivy already have a body double???

It’s ridiculous how many questions and controversy surround this pregnancy and this child….. Where there’s smoke there’s a fire….

In the latest pics the baby does appear to be extremely stiff and it’s strange how we never see her face when Beyonce’s running her errands..Ivy strapped to the her like a front mounted parachute…

Something’s up and B is going to have to come clean, maybe even have a press conference to answer ALL these questions!

Usher “Looking For Myself” New Album!!

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Usher will return with his much-anticipated seventh studio album, “Looking For Myself,” on June 12, through RCA Records. 

The follow-up to 2010’s “Raymond v. Raymond” was previewed by the Diplo-produced slow jam “Climax,” which hit the web on Valentine’s Day. After the song’s music video premiered on Vevo on Mar. 9, “Climax” climbed to No. 40 on this week’s Hot 100.

“Looking For Myself” will include production from Rico Love, Jim Jonsin, Max Martin and Salaam Remi, among others. Over the past year, Usher teamed up with David Guetta for the single “Without You,” which peaked at No. 4 on the Hot 100, as well as Romeo Santos for the Hot Latin Songs hit “Promise.”

Source: Billboard

YESS!! I’m so excited, couples months out but we’ll get at least one more single before the album hits shelves. TrueClefMusic loves some Usher!!

Rihanna “Birthday Cake” Remix Ft Rick Ross!!

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LOVE IT!!! I wanna see a video for the version featuring Chris Brown immediately!

Adele “Rumor Has It” Official 4th Single!!

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Hmmmmmm… I guess, I like the song but I was really hoping for “I’ll Be Waiting” to be the next track the label puts some promo behind..

Adele’s sold millions of copies of her 2nd album, “21” and has given us 3 #1 singles. “Rumor Has It” will likely following the first 3 singles, topping the Billboard Hot 100!

Such a feat will tie her with Mariah Carey, who is currently #3 for most singles from a single album. Michael Jackson rest at #2 with 5 singles and Katy Perry is #1 spot with 6 #1 singles reaching Billboard’s pinnacle! 

R Kelly “Write Me Back” 2012 Album!!!

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R. Kelly was so inspired by music from the 1970s that he’ll be incorporating it on his next album, “Write Me Back.” 

Due in stores this summer, the album picks up where he left off on “Love Letter.” 

“There’s a lot of ‘70s influenced music,” Ann Carli, producer of Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet” series, said Wednesday. “He had a real ball kind of just stretching himself and exploring some of the music that he loves.” 

In related news, R. Kelly will be releasing several new chapters of “Trapped In The Closet” via IFC. A short teaser was released Wednesday. 

“Write Me Back,” his eleventh studio album, is due this summer.

Source: SingersRoom

YES!!! “Love Letter” was brilliant, his genius still lives!!

I’m thinking this new album is going to be like some Super Fly, Temptations sound sh**. I’m excited! Music has changed so much since the 70’s, I’m curious to see what his interpretation of the period will be!

Beyonce “Rebirth” New Album Title???

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This new album will be on shelves before the year is out. Reliable sources have informed me that the title of this new studio effort could be “Rebirth”!

Definitely fits, she’s changed her management, given birth to her first child and experienced her very first solo career failure in the past 16 months. I think we’re definitely going to get a different Beyonce, reborn perhaps. 

Just a rumor, the official title is yet to be announced…

Jeremih Booed & Covered With Concertgoer Drinks After Lip Sync’d Performance!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious!! If you not Mariah Carey or Britney Spears, the fans WON’T accept a clearly not live performance! I love my n**** Jeremih though, beautiful voice, heard him sing live before. He was probably just tired!

It didn’t help that he showed up for the show 2 hours late.. The audience was already drunk and irritated with him.. Some concertgoers even doused the singer with drinks after they realized that they were being lied to………. 

Kid Cudi would jumped into the audience and started whoop’n a** but Jeremih’s a professional, learned his lesson I’m sure…