Usher Talks About New Album!!!

It is no secret that Usher has been dabbling in different genres. Following the success of records like “OMG” and “DJ Got Us Falling In Love,” the veteran says there will be new sounds on his forthcoming album but they have to have a little soul too. 

“I’ve been trying some different styles of music, touching on different genres but yet still keeping the soul in it,” Usher said Monday. 

While he has not revealed the title of his seventh studio album, eight if you count his Live! album, Usher says the current single “Climax” is just a “small indication” of what we can expect later this year. 

Climax is just a small indication of what you guys can look forward to,” Usher told the Ricky Smiley Morning Show. 

In related news, Usher also took on the subject of pre and post internet life Monday. Considering he has had it both ways, with and without social media, Usher says nowadays it is all about playing it “smart”. 

“You can elect what you choose to respond to,” said Usher. “That’s just called being smart. Imagine me fighting my fans, that’s nuts.” 

Usher’s sixth studio album is due for release later this year. His brand new single, “Climax” is available now.

Source: SingersRoom

Glad to hear it! I’m looking for something that’s more like 2004’s “Confessions” then 2010’s “Raymond v Raymond”.. R&B Usher is unmatched! Looking forward to new music from one of the best!


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