R Kelly “Write Me Back” 2012 Album!!!

R. Kelly was so inspired by music from the 1970s that he’ll be incorporating it on his next album, “Write Me Back.” 

Due in stores this summer, the album picks up where he left off on “Love Letter.” 

“There’s a lot of ‘70s influenced music,” Ann Carli, producer of Kelly’s “Trapped In The Closet” series, said Wednesday. “He had a real ball kind of just stretching himself and exploring some of the music that he loves.” 

In related news, R. Kelly will be releasing several new chapters of “Trapped In The Closet” via IFC. A short teaser was released Wednesday. 

“Write Me Back,” his eleventh studio album, is due this summer.

Source: SingersRoom

YES!!! “Love Letter” was brilliant, his genius still lives!!

I’m thinking this new album is going to be like some Super Fly, Temptations sound sh**. I’m excited! Music has changed so much since the 70’s, I’m curious to see what his interpretation of the period will be!

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