J-Lo World Tour!!!

J-Lo is back but I don’t know if she’s back enough for a world tour… Her album didn’t shift millions, despite the success of her runaway hit single “On The Floor”, featuring PitBull. The diva’s 2nd single wasn’t as well received, though her “Dance Again” track, also featuring PitBull is KILLER and the controversial video is creating buzz!

I wish her all the best, TrueClefMusic and myself are in LOVE the iconic, legendary, Jennifer Lopez! She opened so many doors for woman in Hollywood!

SingersRoom reports the following of the World Tour:

If you were turned on by Jennifer Lopez’s latest music video for the single “Dance Again,” get ready for even more excitement. According to reports, the American Idol judge is planning a massive world tour with more than 60 dates, which will kick off in South America in June after Idol wraps.

“J.Lo and her team have blocked out more than a month of their schedules, beginning May 4, to start intense rehearsals, each day, at a sound stage in the Los Angeles area,” a source told Celebuzz. “This will be a huge tour, complete with a lavish set, full band and team of dancers.” 

An announcement surrounding the tour could be released as early as this coming week.

Source: SingersRoom

Oh and in case you haven’t seen the fire video for her latest radio hit:


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