Ciara Announces “One Woman Army” New Album & First Single!!!

If Ciara and L.A have ANY sense at all, this album will drop in the next couple months. Beyonce is in the studio, missed a few meals with “4” and is hungrier then EVER!! B and Ciara CAN’T co-exist, they CAN’T promote an album at the same time…..

Not to sound like a negative nancy lol and if you’re a TrueClef reader, you know that we don’t stan for Beyonce but we do have tremendous respect for what she’s capable of promo, tour and stage wise… L.A’s a smart man, one of the best ppl to have behind you in this industry, I hope he does what’s best for Ciara…

Rap Up reports the following:

C-Squad, get ready. Ciara is marching back to the front lines with her fifthalbum One Woman Army.

 The R&B singer revealed the title during a live chat with MTV to promotethe comedy That’s My Boy. “Sweat” will serve as the first single off the follow-up to 2010’s Basic Instinct.

“I’m finishing up my album. It’s called One Woman Army and you guys will be in for a treat very soon,” she told MTV News. “My new single ‘Sweat’ will be coming as well. … It’s gonna make you sweat in all kinds of ways.”

Last year, Ciara parted with Jive and reunited with longtime mentor L.A. Reid at Epic Records. She also stars alongside Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in That’s My Boy, in theaters June 15.



2 Responses to “Ciara Announces “One Woman Army” New Album & First Single!!!”

  1. Well technically they can co exist. The Evolution/Bday were promoted around each other and Ci still did well. Get Up was promoted the same time De Ja Vu and Ring The Alarm were

  2. calldatyokoono Says:

    Thats Smart

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