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Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” Enters Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 5!!

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This isn’t a big deal with 98% of the industry but with Rihanna it’s caree defining, been that way since she surpassed 9 #1 singles. “WHUB” will likely take the #1 spot some time next month, becoming her 12th Billboard Hot 100 chart topper! As of right now, no one is as prolific on the Hot 100 as Rihanna, well… maybe Katy Perry..  :rolls eyes:: That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!! #RihannaNavy

RihannaDaily reports the following:

Billboard Hot 100′s top five welcomes Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been,” which surges 8-5 with the chart’s top Airplay Gainer award. It lunges 7-4 on Radio Songs (96 million, up 17%), 22-16 on On-Demand Songs (438,000, up 36%) and 8-7 on Digital Songs (122,000, down less than 1%).

Buy “Where Have You Been” on iTunes and Amazon & RIHquest it in your favorite radio stations!

The advance bodes well for Rihanna: when she reaches the Hot 100′s top five, she usually continues on to No. 1; eleven of her prior 14 top five hits have gone on to No. 1, including her last five.

Rihanna Navy, get ready for a “Where Have You Been” Download Weekend coming this Friday, June 29th!

Alicia Keys “New Day” New Single & 2012 Album!!!

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Alicia Keys makes her return with “New Day”, an upbeat, soulful, party track that sounds like the production work of husband, Swizz Beatz!

We love Alicia BUT we have mixed feelings about this track.. It’s fire, don’t get us wrong but the first 3 albums were lead but incredibly transparent, intimate, soulful ballads.. “Fallen”, “You Don’t Know My Name”, “No One”… This song is NOTHING like those pieces.. Again, we love it but it’s a little trendy, like she’s trying to reach her fans and ppl that never really f**** wit her before, the beginning of a cross over…. 

Albums due this year, late, probably between Halloween and Thanksgiving so we shoud get at least one more single and maybe a few leaks before album is officiall on shelves, hope the soulish r&b is still in tact..

Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Chris Brown & Drake’s Beef!! (VIDEO)

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Well… Of course she’s going to be diplomatic and not say anything negative about either party but it’s clear whose side she’s on and no one can blame her for that. She owed a lot to Drake, Wayne and YoungMoney.. No one’s admitting to any wrong doing, blaming the entourages but I heard these 2 had to be PULLED off each other! When there’s this much money floating around ppl change there stories, club owners do as there told and reporters can be paid to make a situation look a certain way to the public.. Chris is on probation, a public altercation with ANYONE would have landed him in jail… A mess!

RapUp Magazine reports the following:

When it comes to rivalries, Young Money’s First Lady remains loyal to her team. During an interview with Tim Westwood, Nicki Minaj shared her thoughts on the beef between her labelmate Drake and collaborator Chris Brown.

“Young Money till the death of me,” said the “Beez in the Trap” rapper when asked about the headline-making brawl, while adding, “I don’t approve of doing things that aren’t conducive to an amazing career.”

She shared details of the conversation she had with Drizzy. “I spoke to Drake and I told him from the bottom of my heart how I felt,” she continued. “I’m like, ‘Baby, you are a superstar and I need you to realize that.’ He did nothing wrong, of course, and rumors are rumors and that’s what it is, but I told him it’s time to remember who you are.”

She advised him to walk away next time. “Sometimes you might need to go to bed, have an early nap. Go to the hotel. There’s nothing wrong with that. I do it all the God damn time.”

In addition to addressing the beef, Nicki revealed that she has collaborated with 2 Chainz on a new song, likely to appear on his Def Jam debut Based on a T.R.U. Story. “It’s called ‘I Love…’ and it’s two more words and I’m not gonna say it,” teased the hip-hop diva, who has added the rapper to the U.S. leg of her “Pink Friday” tour.

Kendrick Lamar Announces Debut Album Release Date Via Aftermath!!

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We slept on Kendrick until he got Dr Dre’s attention. Dre is an icon who doesn’t f*** with just anybody.. When he took notice of Mr Lamar, we decided to keep an eye on him. “Recipe” is brilliant and with Dre’s help, we suspect the entire album is going to be OFFICIAL!!

RapUp Magazine reports the following:

Kendrick Lamar has spoken. After much anticipation, the Compton rapper has revealed the release date for his long-awaited debut.

The album will arrive on October 2 via Top Dawg Entertainment/Aftermath/Interscope, he told R&R Productions backstage at his show in Camden Town, London.

He is working closely with his TDE production team Digi-Phonics. “I really just kept everything in-house, the people that I’ve been grinding with since day one,” said the Black Hippy leader. “They know me, they know my sound, and I feel they’re the best. It’s really tight-knit who I’m involved with.”

Aside from Dr. Dre, who appears on the first single “The Recipe,” he is steering clear of the usual names. “A lot of people get to this position where I’m at and they feel like they’ve made it, so they wanna reach out to all the big producers,” explained Kendrick. “I still feel like I need to go out and show and prove that I stand alone on my own two feet creatively, and that’s exactly what I’m gon’ do.”

While the title Good Kid, Mad City has been floating around, Kendrick has yet to officially name the album. “Let me personally announce the albumdate and ‘CORRECT’ title. Then its official,” he tweeted.

Trey Songz “Chapter V” Album Art!!

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If you’re a TrueClefMusic reader, you know that we don’t really care for Trey Songz but we love his work ethic! This is his 4th or 5th album in 4 or 5 years.. He’s incredibly hungry, a characteristic lost on much of the game…

Usher’s set the sales bar with “Looking For Myself” which debuted at #1 just last week, moving about 170k. Chris Brown’s “FORTUNE” album is also due. Trey has wisely chosen to stay the f*** out they way lol!

RapUp Magazine reports the following:

Trey Songz serves up five times the eye candy on the shirtless cover of his fifth album Chapter V. Due August 21, the follow-up to 2010’s Passion, Pain, & Pleasure features 18 tracks including the Rico Love and Benny Blanco-produced hit “Heart Attack” and T.I.-assisted club banger “2 Reasons,” plus two bonus cuts.

“I’m definitely trying to leap forward with every album, and with this album, I think it’s a leap forward and a leap into the past,” the R&B heartthrob “I want to embody in this album—this fifth album, which is very monumental for me—what I am, where I came from, and where I’m going. I just think it’s going to be very fluent, very diverse, yet very cohesivealbum.”

The iTunes tracklisting does not include featured guests except for T.I. In a previous interview, Trey mentioned that he had collaborated with Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Big Sean, and Kelly Rowland.

See what Trey has in store this August.

Chapter V Tracklisting

1. “Chapter V” (Intro)
2. “Dive In”
3. “Panty Wetter” (Interlude)
4. “Heart Attack”
5. “2 Reasons” feat. T.I.
6. “Go Hard”
7. “Don’t Be Scared”
8. “Pretty Girl’s Life”
9. “Bad Decisions”
10. “Playin’ Hard”
11. “Forever Yours”
12. “Inside Enterlude” (Interlude)
13. “Fumble”
14. “Without a Woman”
15. “Interlude 4 U” (Interlude)
16. “Simply Amazing”
17. “Ladies Go Wild”
18. “Check Me Out”
19. “Turn On” (Bonus Track)
20. “Almost Lose It” (Bonus Track)


Maxwell Cancels Summer Tour, Doctor’s Orders!!

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Damn it!! I was going to go to his show in ATL next month… Is Adele contagious? UGH!! Now I don’t really have an excuse to go out there other then to just see the city, never been before.. We’ll see. 

SingersRoom reports the following:

Grammy Award winner Maxwell planned a six-arena tour for this summer, but due to his doctor’s advice, the performances have been cancelled.

In a released statement he said, “I know this sucks but after many months of recording I’ve temporarily damaged my voice. I’ve had issues before during other tours, but was able to power through. I’ve been strongly advised to rest and undergo treatment. I look forward to hopefully seeing you next on our full fledged tour, when the sequel to the “Blacksummer’s Night” trilogy is released. My deepest apologies to those who made the effort to try and see the show. Love and Thanks, M.”

The soul singer was diagnosed with vocal swelling and hemorrhaging causing him to postpone stage shows in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Newark, starting July 20th. For the first night in each city, Maxwell was scheduled to perform cuts from his 1996 album ‘Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite’ and his 1998 classic ‘Embrya.’ On the second night of the stop, he would of performed his 2001 LP ‘Now,’ and his most recent critically acclaimed album, ‘BLACKsummers’night.’ 

Mariah Carey 2012 Album Update!!

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The buzz has been extremely high regarding Mariah’s latest studio effort, which is yet to be titled. “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”, her 2009 album was a complete MASTERPIECE, overlooked by the Grammy Academy and most all but her true fans, TrueClefMusic included. We loved it and it’s gotten us and most of the Mimi faithful through for the past 3 years but it’s time for new music!

Mariah’s reportedly been in the studio with Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Jermaine Dupre, Drake and even Beyonce, recording and shaping the jewel that will be her 2012 studio album! 

SingersRoom reports the following:

Mariah Carey has been sending out tweets over the past several months of her in the recording studio with Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox and Randy. Yesterday, the R&B diva confirmed a plan to release her new project, “So.. Summer 2012.. Been in the lab, mixing up some concoctions for you, hope you like it!! #MCSummer2012.” 

Her last non-holiday album, ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,’ released in 2009, was primarily produced by Grammy Winner Tricky Stewart. Carey remains closed lipped regarding the details on her forthcoming effort, building anticipation with the mystery of the project.

Last week, she unveiled her newest track “Bring It on Home,” a special ballad inspired by President Obama. She debuted the record at a special Democratic fundraiser held in New York City’s Plaza Hotel last Thursday. 

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