Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” Enters Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 5!!

This isn’t a big deal with 98% of the industry but with Rihanna it’s caree defining, been that way since she surpassed 9 #1 singles. “WHUB” will likely take the #1 spot some time next month, becoming her 12th Billboard Hot 100 chart topper! As of right now, no one is as prolific on the Hot 100 as Rihanna, well… maybe Katy Perry..  :rolls eyes:: That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!! #RihannaNavy

RihannaDaily reports the following:

Billboard Hot 100′s top five welcomes Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been,” which surges 8-5 with the chart’s top Airplay Gainer award. It lunges 7-4 on Radio Songs (96 million, up 17%), 22-16 on On-Demand Songs (438,000, up 36%) and 8-7 on Digital Songs (122,000, down less than 1%).

Buy “Where Have You Been” on iTunes and Amazon & RIHquest it in your favorite radio stations!

The advance bodes well for Rihanna: when she reaches the Hot 100′s top five, she usually continues on to No. 1; eleven of her prior 14 top five hits have gone on to No. 1, including her last five.

Rihanna Navy, get ready for a “Where Have You Been” Download Weekend coming this Friday, June 29th!


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