Kelly Rowland “ICE” New Music Ft Lil Wayne!!

Sounds like she’s trying to capture the magic of 2011’s “Motivation” which also features Wayne… No problem with that but it has to bump, can’t just pick a slow beat and add Weezy to the equation and expect the same mega successful r&b track… 

“Motivation” is undeniably the most popular song of her career but she’s going to have to give us more then 1 hit record to from an entire album that’s fire to stay relevant!

“Here I Am” is a great album but the wrong singles followed “Motivation”.. That’s the most dangerous problem to have in this game, good music that no one hears… “I’m That Chick” should have been promoted with a video and live performances but that didn’t happen.. Would have been a monster r&b hit! I need the a&rs to get it right this time around!


2 Responses to “Kelly Rowland “ICE” New Music Ft Lil Wayne!!”

  1. we gone fight

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