Nelly Furtado “Spirit Indestructible ” Official Video!!

We’ve been big fans of Nelly since “Turn Off The Light”, she’s brilliant and Timbaland does some of his best work with her! We’re looking forward to hearing the follow up to 2007’s “Loose”, an epic genre-less masterpiece!

Our friends at Rap Up Magazine report the following:

Nelly Furtado is one with nature in the breathtaking video for “Spirit Indestructible,” the second single off her upcoming album of the same name, due September 18. The Canadian songstress performs the empoweringanthem against the beautiful backdrop of the beach and snow-covered peaks of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver.

“This song means a lot of things to me ’cause it does have a spirituality to it and a positivity,” explained Nelly. “It’s meant to be empowering, it’s mean to be a tribute to all of us. We all have indestructible spirits.”

The video marks a return to roots for Nelly, whose first video for “I’m Like a Bird” was also shot outdoors. “It’s got an elemental theme. I love nature,” she said. “I do see this new album as sort of a coming home into the original reason why I make music in the first place, which is to have fun and rejoice.”

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