Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” Out Marches Usher & Chris Brown At Billboard!!

Franks debut album hit the the shelves last week and iTunes the week before, he’s moved 131k since then, topping Usher’s “Looking For Myself” which moved 128k and falling just short of Chris Brown’s “FORTUNE” which debuted at #1 with 136,000 units sold!

Frank has NO single and has only had a hand full of live shows to promote this album, this is a AMAZING example of his fans expressing there love and the gay community supporting there own!!

We know the title of the post states that he out marched Chris but Chris sold more records?? Chris Brown has dropped 4 or 5 singles and videos to promote “FORTUNE”, his label spend a fortune making sure he had a decent debut and the public knew this album was coming but Def Jam has barely rolled a dime to promote “Channel Orange”, no music videos, no official single. He debuted at #2 and this is a HUGE achievement for Frank and we’re so happy for him, soooo PROUD of him!!

If you haven’t purchased the album, chazz up and to BestBuy or WalMart, where ever and SUPPORT FRANK!!!


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