Beyonce’s “4” V Adele’s “21”!!

These are 2 great woman, great artists with tremendous followings and a lot of successes. They also have a mutual amount of respect for one another but there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition right? 

We all know Adele’s “21” trounced Beyonce’s latest work sales wise but B really went in from almost EVERY angle in the studio.. The same can be said of Adele’s 10x platinum masterpiece.. So lets put the numbers aside and talk about the material, who recorded a better album?

When we heard “Rolling In The Deep” we were almost paralyzed by how much her voice had grown and how much emotion she was conveying… That kind of record comes along ever so often, brilliant, couldn’t have been sung better! She followed it up with “Someone Like You” arguably one of the most relatable and well written love songs of our time… She furthered the level of expression by singing the HELL out of it! This process was repeated over and over again throughouy the album.. “I’ll Be Waiting” is our favorite!

We were totally blind sided by the vocals, the writing and the musicianship found on “21” and we’re not alone.. Adele cleaned house at every major around show in the last year and a half, including the Grammys!

Beyonce’s “4”…… We’ll be honest and say that we expected this album to be COMPLETE bullsh**! After the luke warm offerings of “I Am” and the bomb (in a bad way) first single choice (Run The World), we wholly expect Beyonce’s 4th studio effort to flop! 

We were wrong… The album is a triumph, a bar raiser, musicianship we didn’t think she was or ever would be capable of!

Beyonce did a complete 180 and came back with some r&b sh** which was totally unexpected. The first 3 or 4 songs tanked at radio but the ppl loved “Love On Top”, “Dance For You” and the cool AF, Kanye produced, J Cole & Andre 3k assisted “Party” but the album was so much more then those mere r&b hits..

Tracks like “Start Over” and “I Miss You” that should have lead the albums promo campaign won’t ever see the light of die or radio for that matter despite the genius!! Beyonce went IN and if you were turned off by the more urban tracks she sent to radio, you’re doing yourself a complete injustice! Cop “4” immediately!

So who won??? It’s hard to say… Sales, awards and bullsh** aside… Beyonce out sung Adele, which was no easy task… However, Adele emptied an automatic assault weapon on Beyonce’s ENTIRE team of writers with tracks like “Set Fire To The Rain”, “Someone Like You” and “Rolling In The Deep”… The vocals and the material are so comparable that we can’t call it, it’s up to the fans and the fans can debate these 2 ladies and there work all day…


2 Responses to “Beyonce’s “4” V Adele’s “21”!!”

  1. its always the “blogs” which i used the word very loosly looking around this place….putting ladies against each other. Why does one have to be better? Why couldn’t they both have a great album? I mean they both sold great numbers, and they are both fans of each other’s bodies of works…..but I guess for a “blog” trying to get attention this is what has to be done….carry on…

    • The industry is competitive if that fact is lost on you then we’re sorry…. We’re not pitting any artist against another, we comparing the material and yes THIS is a blog but it’s not our official site…. is much more then a simple blog, much more aesthetic..

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