TrueClefMusic Counts Down Beyonce’s Top Performances!!

In honor of Beyonce’s 31st birthday, TrueClefMusic is counting down her most memorable performances (6 total). We’ve been wanting to do this for a while but given that today is her birthday, we had to get off our a**** and make it happen!

This is arguably the most important performance of her career. The MTV VMAS is huge and this was the first time she took the stage alone to perform her double hit singles, “Crazy In Love” and “Baby Boy” opposite her then boyfriend Jay-Z.

This was the first time we saw her stage presence come ALIVE and the first time we acknowledged the fact that….THE B**** CAN SANG!!

Live at the Grammy’s with Prince, the icon himself.. These subliminally sent the message to the fans, the media and the game as a whole that Beyonce wasn’t like the other h*** that just released there debut albums.. She was different, Prince and many others came out in support of Jay-Z sanging a** girlfriend.. This kind of subliminal messaging continues even today in Beyonce’s career. Icons twice her age will acknowledge her as an equal.. MattK is a genius and this is truly won of her best live performances featuring another artist!

This is the best “Dangerously In Love” performance in existence. It’s from The Beyonce Experience, one of the best tours ever to take the stage, Beyonce at the height of her industry dominance and create genius. The visuals presented here, the emotion.. Amazing performance, iconic!

Some of y’all may never have seen this one. “Ring The Alarm” live on The View, best performance of the song on record! That VOICE, the fearlessness!

YESSSS!!!! This is one of our all time favorites! Beyonce was at the height of her popularity, showing out and GOING IN at the VMAS!! We can’t get enough of the “Single Ladies” dance!

Y’all knew it was coming, the best Beyonce performance of ALL TIME! “Deja Vu” live at the 2006 BET Awards is matchless! NO ONE could hold Beyonce after this performance, not a damn body. This was the performance that had the world standing up and shouting like the SuperBowl was on! B went HAM!

That’s our list, hope you enjoyed the read and the performances. Happy birthday to Beyonce, a true item of iconography!


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