Beyonce 2013 Album Update!!

YES! New music from King B is right around the corner!

We expect the release and mass promo of her 5th studio effort to coincide with her February halftime show performance, which means we could start hearing new music by the first of the year.

One thing’s for sure, Beyonce planning on really bringing the f**** house down with this album. “4” was brilliant but failed to meet traditional Beyonce sales expectations and was ignored by the Grammy Academy. It’s a jewel, one of her best and some of the best vocals we’ve heard since Mariah’s emancipation more then 6 years ago!

The commercial fans that “I Am” brought her were also neglected on this last album. Expect more “Halo’s” and “Irreplaceable’s” but better written better produced then the commercial tracks found on “4”.

Tentative Collaboration List:


Frank Ocean

Kanye West


Mariah Carey


Swizz Beatz

The Dream


Dark Child



Lady Gaga

This list is again, tentative but EVERYONE is sending her music right now, trying to be apart of this new project!

Tentative Album Titles: “The Kingdom”, “Rebirth”

Tentative Release Dated: January 29th or February 4th 2013


2 Responses to “Beyonce 2013 Album Update!!”

  1. FUCK BEYONCE!!!!!! She is so, so very over with… tired of her and her insecurities…. I’m not hatting at all but u do have to admit, between her attention seeking antics or spot light STEALING etc ……and her mindless stans whouldnt you be tired of the bitch too? Or am I truly alone on this?!?!?!?!?!

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