Frank Ocean Calls Rihanna A Hoe & Chris Puts Him To SLEEP!!

frank and chris

Sooooo…….apparently Chris and Frank have had beef for years, way before Frank was a popular artist and before Chris made his comeback with the “F.A.M.E” album..

Who knows how it started but it all came to a head the other day in L.A.. They bumped into eachother at a local studio with there respective entourages.. Frank was with some members of Odd Future but as far as we know, Tyler The Creator was not among them. They had words and Frank reportedly blurted out the following:

“Yo Chris, Rihanna’s a HOE!!”

That sent Breezy over the edge and he had to put his foot in Frank’s a**, knocking the grammy nominated singer completely unconscious! Odd Future had to carry him into the studio where they called the police…

Chris is clown’n in the press every month, it’s always something but this could be what sends him to jail for a while, especially if Frank decides to press charges..


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