Lil Wayne Banned From NBA Events, Proclaims Himself The “New Pac”!!!

wayne unplugged

So apparently Wayne’s managed to piss somebody off with lots of pull at the NBA… He’s been banned from all future NBA events behind sheering for the Lakers at a Miami Heat event………

RapUp reports the following:

Lil Wayne’s NBA All-Star Weekend ended on a sour note. The Young Money rapper launched into a tirade after he was reportedly banned from the All-Star Game and all future NBA events.

While hosting an after-party in Houston on Sunday, Weezy got on the mic as Drake and Birdman stood by his side. “The NBA banned me from all NBA events,” he announced. “It’s because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.”

He lead the crowd in a chant. “When I say f**k, you say NBA! When I say f**k, you say Miami Heat!”

He didn’t stop there, calling out specific players. “F**k She-Wade, f**k Chris Bosh. F**k all of ‘em,” he said, while throwing in one more stingingstatement. “And I fu**ed Chris Bosh wife.”

Wayne’s anger stems from being kicked out of a Heat game last week by police because he was rooting for the Lakers. Additionally, TMZ reports that he was making a gun gesture at another fan.

During last night’s party, he shouted out Birdman, J. Cole, Mack Maine, and Meek Mill, while declaring himself the new Tupac. “I ain’t Tupac, I’m the new ‘Pac. Holla at ya boy.”

On Monday, he calmed down to observe a moment of silence for Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who passed away from cancer. “Rest peacefully Dr. Buss and may God bless your family. Purple-Gold,” tweeted the Lakers fan.


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