Tour Date Cancellations Cost Gaga, Promotors & The Label More Then 25 Million Dollars!!

gaga tour

It’s too bad but I’m sure she’ll make this up to the fans when she recovers. As it stands, her most recent tour is one of the most successful in music history!

Billboard reports the following:

When doctor’s orders led to the cancellation of Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way Ball” tour yesterday, producers Live Nation Global Touring immediately began the formidable task of shutting down one of the most successful pop tours ever.

The tour ended prematurely due to Lady Gaga’s hip injury, which will require surgery and significant time to heal, with the final date taking place this past Monday in Montreal, 13 shows into a North American leg that began Jan. 11 in Vancouver.

In total, 22 shows were cancelled, forcing the refund of roughly 200,000 tickets worth approximately $25 million in gross ticket sales, Billboard estimates.

Through Jan. 17, the “BTWB” tour had grossed $168.2 million and moved 1.6 million tickets to 85 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore, with Asia, Europe, and South American legs already completed in 2012. The North American leg, which was to wrap the tour and was almost completely sold out, would have likely put the tour at more than $200 million gross, easily in the top 20 tours of all time and probably in the top 15. As it stands, Gaga finished sixth among all touring artists in 2012, with a gross of $125 million and attendance of more than 1.1 million, according to Boxscore.

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