The Reviews Are In For Mariah Carey’s “Almost Home”!!!

mimi and sony

We’ll write our own before we let you read the rest lol!

We first heard the 29 second snippet via soundcloud a few days ago. It was just the songs climax and it got us an fans the world over really excited about this record. After hearing the track in full, we love it but it would have been nice if she employed the “bitch move” voice throughout the track and not just towards the end.

Nevertheless, it’s a sure hit. With promo dollars coming from Disney, a huge stage to promote on American Idol and millions of fans eager for new music, it’s going to be hard for Ms Carey to miss! The song is already #1 on iTunes in several countries!!

The new album is still under construction but a friend at Def Jam tells us it’s nearing completion and could be ready but the summer!

Peep the reviews:

• E!: “If you’ve ever closed your eyes, clicked your heels and wished for more Mariah Carey, then you’re in luck, because your musical prayers have been answered… The up-tempo track features Carey’s signature powerhouse vocals and an electro-pop beat. The American Idol judge belts out inspirational lyrics on the movie’s musical anthem, perfectly paying homage to Dorothy and the classic tale.”

• Vibe: “Falsetto connoisseur Mariah Carey headlines the soundtrack for Disney’s newest film Oz: The Great and The Powerful with the lighthearted track ‘Almost Home. Co-written by Simone Porter, Justin Gray, Lindsey Ray and co-produced by Stargate, the ‘Triumphant’ songbird harmonizes the way she does best.”

• MTV: “Put on your best pair of ruby slippers, close your eyes and click your heels together because Mariah Carey is taking fans along for her trip to Oz. On Tuesday (February 19), she officially released ‘Almost Home,’ the lead tune off the Oz the Great and Powerful soundtrack. The up-tempo pop piece plants Carey right in the mythical land from the famed movie. It’s weaved together by a bouncing beat and bright synths, as Carey’s signature vocals soar over Stargate’s sparkling production work.”

• Los Angeles Times: “Carey’s new song, “Almost Home” — it’s tied to Disney’s “Oz the Great and Powerful,” scheduled for movie theaters next month — feels like a return to that earlier time… the midtempo song seems entirely built around Carey’s vocals, which arc upward until they crest in a key change that delivers the thrill we’ve grown to expect from her. It’s an old-fashioned appeal to think of Carey anew.”

• Yahoo! Canada Music Blog: “Mariah’s 2009 Eminem dis ‘Obsessed’ was her last top 10 hit. But her new song ‘Almost Home’ from the soundtrack of Oz The Great And Powerful will place her back on the top of the charts. Mariah understands how to keep her sound fresh and relevant better than possibly any other pop star with 20-plus years of hits. Though ”Almost Home’ boasts Mariah’s honey-laced multi-octave range, the song’s true pop friendliness lies on the production from Stargate. The music shifts several times during its course, moving from a militaristic, uplifting mid-tempo to a gritty, knocking underground hip-hop track before settling on an easy EDM bed that Katy Perry would have loved. ‘Almost Home” essentially incorporates bits of Perry, Kelly Clarkson and the Black Eyed Peas without losing Mariah in the mix.”

• AOL Music Blog: “A movie as epic as Oz The Great and Powerful deserves an equally as memorable soundtrack. (Seriously, James Franco is playing the famous wizard!) Luckily, Mariah Carey delivers. ‘Almost Home,’ a song from the upcoming film, kicks off with a thumping beat as powerful as Mimi’s vocals. The Stargate-produced track is the quintessential movie anthem, underscoring the timeless Wizard of Oz quest to go home.”

• Popcrush: “The song is a return to form for the multi-octave diva. “Almost Home” sounds like a Carey track from the days of yore – her 90’s heyday – in the best way. With a Stargate-produced beat, the song sounds like it”d fit right in on Carey’s pop classics Music Box and Daydream. The upbeat song relies on Carey’s unrivaled gifts of melody, harmony and power instead of attempting to attain street cred with guest rappers, and it’s where she shines brightest. The track starts out with a more R&B vibe in the verses, then morphs into a poppier tune for the choruses. The song has a motivational message akin to Carey’s unstoppable ballad ‘Hero,’ but combines it with an upbeat, uptempo track.”

• Neon Limelight: “Mariah Carey is back and serving up major vocals on her new single, ‘Almost Home.’
The Grammy-winning diva and American Idol judge belts to the high heavens on the mid-tempo pop track, the first single from the soundtrack to Disney’s Oz: The Great and Powerful.”

• Hollywood Gossip: “Remember when Mariah Carey was just a singer? One of the all-time greats, at that? Well, she reminds us of this with her latest release, entitled ”Almost Home.’ The song, which is tied to the new film Oz the Great and Powerful, feels like a return to the Mariah of old, with electro-pop precision backing up her soaring vocals. The mid-tempo track may not go down as one of her biggest hits, but it’s indicative of the unique vocal talent she possesses, and what her fans now expect.”

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