Beyonce WTF!!

bey 2013

Since Beyonce announced she would be performing for the 2013 Superbowl Halftime show, her buzz has been through the f**** roof! She’s signed multi-million dollar contracts with both Pepsi and H&M on top of releasing a critically acclaimed documentary via HBO while singles “Love On Top” and “Dance For You” from her album “4” continue to dominate urban radio.. We almost forgot about the eye popping popularity of GQ’s February issue, which Beyonce graces… All this buzz, all this press and we haven’t heard not one new song?? WTF!!!

We’ve always been persecuted for not exactly being Beyonce fans but all the criticism, all the critiquing comes from a very good, very honest place… Bey should have dropped her new single a few days before the Superbowl performance, should have performed it. We should be watching a new video right now but instead she’s used all this buzz to sell tickets to her new show, “The Mrs Carter Show”….. It’s a complete waste of promo dollars!!

She needs to link up with someone that knows how to do what Matthew Knowles did or the consequences could be overwhelming!!


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