Usher In The Studio With Jermaine Dupre For 2013 Album!!

usher new album 2

YES!!! Ush has had so much success over the years but hasn’t brought the absolute fire like he did back in 2004 with “Confessions”, one of the greatest r&b albums of all time, his most acclaimed and biggest selling project to date… Now with the return of Justin Timberlake, Ush is back in the lab with Jermaine Dupre, Polo Da Don, Will.I.Am and more!! This could be all the motivation he needed……..

ush and jermaine

Back in 2003, he and JT were really the only men in modern r&b but since Usher has fathered a couple of kids, gotten married and divorced, lost his egde a bit while JT has been completely absent from the music scene up until just a couple of months ago. He’s making movie money like a muthaf*****  for the last 6 years… We’re anxious to watch these two have it out on the charts and at the award shows!!


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