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Mariah Carey To Perform At Macy’s 4th Of July Spectacular!!

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mimi gorgeous

The diva did the show back in 2005 shortly before or after her epic comeback album, “The Emancipation of Mimi” hit shelves. A new album is coming and she’s on the promo trail. Expect 2 to 4 songs, one of them possibly being “America The Beautiful”, what she performed last time!

Beyonce “Grown Woman” Official New Single???

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grown woman single

Bey nor Sony BMG have made no official statement about Beyonce’s new single but that didn’t stop Billboard and a few other major news sources for reporting it as such.. If the song takes off, she and the label will stand by it but if it’s falls on it’s ass at radio then we may not even get a video..

As previously reported, Beyonce’s album is thought to be pushed back to 2014 but a single now raises questions and eyebrows. That on top of the pregnancy talk, if it’s true, if it’s false, if it’s a publicity stunt, who knows. What we do know is that we’d like to see some confidence from Beyonce’s promo campaign, some organization… This is all over the place!

As far as the song itself.. It’s okay but if it leads the new albums promo efforts, that would make it the weakest opening single from her yet….

Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson & Bruno Mars New Idol Judges!!

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We think having some Idol alumni on the panel is a great idea!

Supposedly Jennifer Hudson & Kelly Clarkson are in talks with FOX to judge the show that made them famous! The producers want to stop spending 10’s of millions of dollars a season on big name judges and really take the emphasis OFF the judges table as much as possible!

Bruno Mars is also being courted for chair on the panel and the producers will have there hands FULL replacing Randy Jackson but will probably contract someone like Simon, Clive Davis or L.A Reid to fill his role, an industry professional that’s been doing it for decades! They reporting assigning a budget of just 25,000,000 to pay judges, which probably means the alumni and Mars would collect 5 million dollar check, while the season, industry vet would take home 10 million.

If it’s possible, season 13 could be more interesting then season 12 but if this new formatting and new set of judges don’t work out, expect FOX to cancel the show soon!

Mariah Carey Live on Good Morning America!!

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mimi goodmorning

Okay so we have a few issues with this lol… If you read TrueClefMusic on the regular then you know we’re huge fans of the diva but she was over dressed and arguably lit during hold performance.

Some fans had an issue with the quality of the vocals but we thought she did pretty well for this to be a early AM performance but its obvious that she had a few mimosa’s with her eggs this morning..

We’ve watched Mariah perform for almost 2 decades and she’s never used some of the rifts and transitions in “We Belong Together” and “Always Be My Baby” that she used this morning.. Furthermore, this is a park concert series.. Why is she wearing a Grammy night gown??? That’s Mariah and we love her. New album coming soon and we should get one more single before it’s available on shelves!

Mariah Carey’s “Beautiful” Becomes 32nd Top 20!!

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mimi 4

YES!!! The diva’s new collaboration with Miguel has official entered the top 10, another chart milestone for Mimi!

The song leads the promo campaign for her as yet to be titled 13 studio album which should be available some time this summer!

Fergie To Be The DEATH Of Nicki Minaj!!

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fergie LIFE

Soo………… The Barbz are singing the song of Nicki Minaj and the music industry has crown her the Queen of HipHop. She’s worthy, she’s earned that BUT she’s made the same mistake Beyonce did in 2008…….. She crossed over, exposing her to a larger audience, doubling her money, her appeal & ultimately changing her peers from Lil Kim, Lola Monroe, Azealia Banks and Eve to Katy Perry, Gaga and Britney Spears. The only trouble with that can be summed up in one word, FERGIE!!

The Black Eyed Peas front woman KILLED her first album back in 2006, 5 top 5 hot 100 singles, 2 of which crowned the chart, 6 million albums sold to date, a world huge tour, and the end of Gwen Stefani…

The diva has released 2 albums since with her band mates, both immensely successful but she’s scheduled to make her solo return late 2013 or early 2014…. Nicki Minaj has NOTHING for this bitch and like Beyonce will eventually have to return to her roots to stay relevant…. #FERGALICIOUS

Beyonce Pregnancy Publicity Stunt??

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jay denies

Last week it was widely reported by major news outlets that Beyonce was in fact expecting her 2nd child and that information was confirmed but now we’re hearing otherwise and seeing reports from other news sources suggesting this isn’t true at all. Other sources even claim to have an official statement from Sean Carter himself… What do we make of this?

1. If Sean Jay-Z Carter makes a statement regarding the reports and headlines of major news outlets like The New York Post and Fox News, he’s going to do it professionally, either through his management team/publicist or an all out PRESS CONFERENCE!

2. The fact that those major, trusted, time proven news sources reported this with so much confidence and stamped “CONFIRMED” on the story means someone spoke to someone that constitutes the horse’s mouth, a publicist being the more probable answer…

The story came from Beyonce’s ppl.. If it’s not true then this was a ploy for her to regain the attention of the public.. A good old fashion PUBLICITY STUNT! We’re still waiting for an official statement from Beyonce’s team or for retractions to surface via the original reports..