Beyonce Pushing Album Back To 2014!!

beyonce more 2

The diva is talking about everything but new music rite now, just wants you to drink Pepsi and shop at H&M lol! She’s on her sold out world tour, signing endorsement deals and taking care of her baby girl..

Word has it that the label is furious about the reactions to “Bow Down” and “Grown Woman”, pulling the plug of the lather after it was widely reported that it would be available via iTunes about a month ago!

Everything from Bey and the label not being able to see eye to eye on new music and concepts, a management change and even another baby reports have found there way online. Maybe regrouping, kind of going back to the drawing board is best. We want to hear new music but we want it to be rite and she should take as much time as she needs to ensure that… No rush Bey 😉

Rumors aside, Beyonce, RocNation nor Sony BMG have made any official statement about her new music or when it will be released to the public!


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