Mariah Carey Makes 2nd Season Idol Demands!!

mimi idol 2nd

The diva has recently stated that she didn’t sign on to be apart of “Love & HipHop”, she’s over all the drama with Nicki Minaj, all the rumors about J-Lo coming back and the general instability of the show. The diva will only return for a second season under very strict circumstances..

Nicki has to stay in her place or be removed from the judges panel all together and Ms Carey needs a bigger check then the 20 million dollar one Fox wrote her just 5 months ago!

Given Mariah’s status in the music industry, her success, her icon, her LEGEND, Fox should have no problem accommodating her and if they can’t, she’ll find something else to do with her Wednesday nights.

Mimi and nicki break it up

Ms Carey was also in talks to join X Factor, be the new Paula but Simon didn’t think she’d be able to handle the work load with the new twins but with Idol, she’s proven that she can… #options

Rumor has it that she only agreed to do the finale and premiere her new music video using the show this week if her demands for the next season were met… #leverage

Mariah hasn’t given an official statement about leaving or returning but her husband, Nick Cannon had the following to say of her involvement:


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