Vibe Magazine’s 5 Things To Expect From Mariah’s 13th Studio Album!!


We Mariah stans here at TrueClefMusic, celebrated her music recent material more then the old, everything since “Butterfly” or “Daydream”, second half of her amazing career.

We expect amazing, benchmark vocals on top of Vibe’s expectations for this album. Mariah’s ast work, “Memoirs of An Imperfect” is arguably her best release via Def Jam.

Vibe has the following things to say about this album:

It’s been four years since Mariah Carey released her last album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Since then, M.C. has been experiencing a life transition. She gave birth to twins in 2011, became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and also used her musical expertise as a judge on Season 12 of American Idol. All the while, the 43-year-old singer-songwriter hasn’t lost a step. With the release of her new single “#Beautiful,” featuring Miguel, we can’t help but get excited about MiMi’s return.

Check out 5 things you can expect on the new LP.

1. An Ode to Dem Babies
This will be MC’s first album since giving birth to her twins Monroe and Moroccan. We’re sure the proud mama has already written a beautiful ballad in honor of “dem babies.” Little Ms. Monroe is already flexing her premature vocal chops and will make her debut feature on mommy’s upcoming project.

“My little girl is going to be appearing on the album, I will say that,” Mariah told Ryan Seacrest on May 6. “She can’t really put a complete sentence together–she was 1 years old when she started–but she did a good job!”

2. Nicki Minaj Shade
Nobody throws shade better than MiMi. Subtle yet effective, this diva knows how to get the last laugh. Her Eminem diss track proved that the R&B songbird wasn’t afraid to clap back at the hardcore rapper for being “obsessed” with her. Decked out in her best tomboy attire and sporting a goatee, Mariah comically turned the mocking tables on Slim Shady in the music video. Nicki, beware.

3. A Toast To Success
Admit it, you didn’t think Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon would last five years in marriage. When the couple first announced their relationship back in 2008 a lot of folks were scratching their heads, saying, “huh?” But Mr. and Mrs. Cannon proved that opposites do attract. It would only be right for Mariah to pen a love song in dedication of their matrimony and longevity.

4. Amazing Production
When it comes to working with producers, Mariah Carey is known to only select the best of the bunch. Hit-Boy, The-Dream, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Cox and Rodney Jerkins are only a few of the mega producers she’s confirmed to be working with so far. Already sounds like a stellar line-up.

5. Epic Collaborations
Mariah already got the current hottest male R&B singer on her first single, so we can only imagine who she’s going to collaborate with next. Carey told <i.billboard< i=””>that she’s completed songs with DJ Cassidy and her former “Honey” collaborator Q-Tip. She also expressed interest in collaborating with the top 3 female American Idol finalists. Could be a hit girl power anthem.


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