Miguel Talks “#Beautiful” & Working With Mariah Carey!!

miguel and mariah

The r&b virtuoso has been praising Mariah Carey, the diva, the icon in recent interviews. Cambio reports the following:

Miguel had a “beautiful” time working with Mariah Carey on their hit single.

Following the release of “#Beautiful,” the 27-year-old singer dished about what it was like to work with the music superstar on the track.

“She’s kind of one of the most quick witted and sharp individuals I’ve ever met,” Miguel told us at Wango Tango. “You never know how it’s gonna be with another creative individual and how their creative process works with yours, but it was definitely one of the coolest and easiest sessions I’ve ever done with another artist.”

Calling the American Idol judge “brilliant,” Miguel added that Mariah has “a lot of foresight.”

“Everything she does is very deliberate, which is refreshing,” he continued. “She knows exactly what she wants and what she’s doing, and the fact that she chose to keep me on the record speaks volumes.”


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