Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson & Bruno Mars New Idol Judges!!


We think having some Idol alumni on the panel is a great idea!

Supposedly Jennifer Hudson & Kelly Clarkson are in talks with FOX to judge the show that made them famous! The producers want to stop spending 10’s of millions of dollars a season on big name judges and really take the emphasis OFF the judges table as much as possible!

Bruno Mars is also being courted for chair on the panel and the producers will have there hands FULL replacing Randy Jackson but will probably contract someone like Simon, Clive Davis or L.A Reid to fill his role, an industry professional that’s been doing it for decades! They reporting assigning a budget of just 25,000,000 to pay judges, which probably means the alumni and Mars would collect 5 million dollar check, while the season, industry vet would take home 10 million.

If it’s possible, season 13 could be more interesting then season 12 but if this new formatting and new set of judges don’t work out, expect FOX to cancel the show soon!


One Response to “Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson & Bruno Mars New Idol Judges!!”

  1. Jeaneth Jadoc Says:

    Wow! thats good for 3 of them!.. I am a big fan of Bruno Mars, and I can’t believe he will be the next Amerecan Idol judge. But We are proud of him like Jessica Sanchez, specially us filipinos.

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