Big Sean Confirms Eminem Collaboration!!

big seasn 3

We’re not sure if it’ll actually be on the album but Sean is calling it a “detroit classic” and it be pretty difficult for the result of those studio sessions not to be brilliant given the track record and ICON of Eminem!

RapUp reports the following:

Big Sean hit the studio with Eminem in April. Now the G.O.O.D. Music rapper is speaking out about his collaboration with his Detroit idol.


He’s unsure if the song will appear on his upcoming album Hall of Fame or Eminem’s next album, but he does know that it’s going to be big.

“People can expect a Detroit classic,” Sean told MTV News. “You might get it for my album, you might get it for his album, you may get it a little later. We gotta work all that out.”

He recalled the surreal moment of being in the studio with Em. “I just remembered when my mom bought me his [first] album from Costco or something a long-ass time ago, so you can just imagine going from thatmoment—being a lil’ ass boy—to fast forward 10 years later and being in the studio with him.”

They talked for hours and realized that they shared a lot in common. “It was funny because every story I told him about how I lost a lot of friends, and lost relationships and girls…and [how I’ve] made new friends, he was like, ‘Man, it’s crazy, because every story you telling me, I got the exact same story just in a different way. Real Gs, similar tales.”

While it’s unknown if Eminem will make the album, Hall of Fame is expected to feature Nas, Miguel, and Jhené Aiko.

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