Mariah Carey Releasing 2nd Single & Unveiling Album Art On 7.23???

mimi 1

The diva has just earned her 32nd top 20 via Billboard’s Hot 100 and had previously announced a release date for her new album, “The Art of Letting Go” of 7.23.13 but later tweeted a push back, she’s not finished recording yet and wants this album JUST RITE!! We understand that!

Our sources are telling us that a second single has already been selected and a video shoot is scheduled for this month. Mariah tweeted that there would be a special “lambs only” surprise on 7.23.. We think it’s the new song, possible with the new video and the album art!!

No word on when the album itself will actually be available but she’s expected to launch a U.S tour in October so we won’t be waiting long for this new studio effort!!

Peep the diva’s controversial BET performance, where she used a backing track to pull off a great performance just like every other artist that performed that night… The interlude is BEAUTIFUL!!


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