BET President Talks Mariah’s “#Beautiful” Performance!!

mimi and sony

BET’s president recently spoke out about the controversy surround Mariah Carey’s 2013 award show performance with Jeezy and Miguel, interesting sh**..

Stephen Hill
I love the way this @MariahCarey set looked. those chandeliers looked hot!!

This was the WORLD PREMIERE of a song whose recording had just finished 24 hours before.

the idea to do this came late in the game. origiannly, she was going to do another new song.

ok. if you look closely, MC is still singing as she is turning…the mic was inadvertently turned off.

She had added and acapella part in rehearsal, but we’ll never hear it…DANG!!

oh. so we were going to do a DIFFERENT new Mariah song, but Beautiful was becoming such a hit, we decided to premiere a remix

and for those asking about lip-syncing…are there any doubts that Ms.Carey CAN sing? really?

Rite, as if Mariah can’t sing, as if we don’t all know she can sing….. The diva performed on the Macy’s 4th Spectacular, 100% and shut all the haters up but someone that has been so influential, so iconic, shouldn’t have to prove she can sing each and every time she takes the stage… It’s called respect and a lot ppl need a lesson in it..


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