Ciara “CIARA” Album Review!!

ciara album

WOW!!! The emancipation of Ciara! The album is beast, arguably her best, well produced, well written, well delivered and perfect for her voice!! We didn’t expect her to come hard! So glad she went H.A.M with the promo because it would have been a shame for no one to hear this!! Thank you L.A Reid for saving her!

Album Highlights:

1. Sophomore

2. Body Party

3 I’m Out Ft Nicki Minaj

4. Keep Look’n

We love the four songs listed above, beating heart of the album but tracks like “Where You Go” Ft Future and “Livin It Up” need to see radio see to increase her crossover appeal. They’re perfect for commercial radio but will still get love on the urban market.

This album is arranged AF, flow, totally listenable, played the whole thing all the way through without hearing anything we couldn’t stand. So proud of Ciara! This album is solid, come back album, Ciara emancipated!

She’ll have to choose the rest of her singles carefully and deliver fire videos for each in order for this album to continue to shift steadily. If she can move 400 to 500,000 units, it’ll be official! CONGRATS C SQUAD!


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