The 3 Most Overrated Artist In Urban Music!!

lil wayne how to love

Lil Wayne is still chasing the runaway success of his 2008, slightly cross over album, “The Carter III” and for the most part he’s been keeping the pace, collaborating with just about everyone, signing some of the most popular artist in modern music and shifting another 1 million copies of “The Carter IV”…

We love Weezy but he’s unquestionably not what he was in 2008, his popularity has dwindled, his revenue doesn’t have the same potential and he’s not what he was lyrically or commercially even though he is the most recognizable face in hiphop…

His fans gas em up, proclaim he’s the greatest rapper of all time, the greatest rapper alive and his material simply no longer supports that….. We just don’t see his crown anymore…

beyonce 122

Beyonce, Mrs Carter had the industry on it’s knees with her first 3 albums but a series of management changes, image revisions and label politics have severely handicapped her though she STILL proclaims herself Queen, bow down b****, even in light of serious and often overwhelming competition from Rihanna and others..

Few artist had a 2008 like Beyonce! Wayne, Taylor Swift and a few other artist were huge that year but the video for “Single Ladies” broke ground and Beyonce broke the bank, taking in more revenue then any other female in entertainment, topping forbes and redefining her boundaries, redefining where predominantly urban artist can go with there music given the proper tools…

Matthew Knowles and her husband Jay-Z were instrumental in fashioning her crown but bad business, sh**** A&R work and corner cutting have rendered her unworthy… Why is an artist with hundreds of millions of dollars at her disposal stealing concepts and making music videos in dance studios???

Beyonce’s last album shifted less then half the units of the album is succeeded. She had no major hit singles, even though she experienced monster success on the r&b charts. She crossed over in 2008 only to alienated the fans that effort awarded her in 2011.. “4” is arguably her best album but the lack of radio friendly tracks on the project and horrible a&r work threw the public and a few fans for a loop. As a result, it’s her slowest and lowest seller to date..

Despite these pit falls, Beyonce and her fan base continue to support this notion of royalty, of matchlessness even though the numbers haven’t supported that in nearly 6 years.. #overrated

kanye west runaway vid

Mr West is a genius but the loss of his mother, public scrutiny and extreme narcism have changed him, his sound and his music as a whole..

Things begin to really shift once his mother died. “808s & Heartbreak” was a cinematic science project, crazy production, morbid, depressing lyrics and just totally different from the Lauryn Hill esque, hip hop soul we’d grown to love him for…

His most recent album is art but it’s not marketable, it’s not radio friendly, it’s going to be his slowest and lowest seller but he’s proclaimed himself the greatest, compared himself to Michael Jackson and even Steve Jobs in interviews and in the press… He’s doing way too much for his music to have declined so greatly in the last 6 years…

Notice that the greatest successes of these 3 artist was in 2008… All three are amazing but all three are capable of miles more then what they’ve been pushing on there fans lately… They need to step it up or stop talking sh**…

2 Responses to “The 3 Most Overrated Artist In Urban Music!!”

  1. Speechless Says:

    You forgot rihanna, drake and nicki minaj.

  2. Rihanna is hitting billboard harder then anyone else. Drake last album was one of the biggest debuts of 2011 or 2012 and Nicki minaj is totally on top of her game rite now, shifting units, charting and pulling down mad money for featuring roles. Rihanna, Drake and Nicki Minaj are 3 of the most and most prolific artist out there…

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