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Beyonce Album This Year Afterall??

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beyonce DIVA 2013

The boss diva was photographed shooting a new video for a song called “XO”… We’re careful to suggest an album, especially after NeYo made explicit and direct comments regarding a push back to 2014, citing Beyonce had no idea what direction she was going or wanted to go with whats been recorded…. Furthermore, “Bow Down” and “Grown Woman” reportedly weren’t singles in support of any album………….. “XO” could be the same. You just never know wtf with Beyonce but it’s a small possibility that she isn’t going to let Gaga and Katy Perry make all the money this year.. We sincerely hope that album has been cooked rite and we get it before 2013 shuts it’s eyes!!

Robin Thicke Hot 100 Reign Continues!!

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robin number 1

Robin continues to kick ass and take names via Billboard’s Hot 100! His monstrous hit, “Blurred Lines”, featuring T.I & Pharrell has become so much more then the biggest hit of his career.. It’s the song of the summer and spends it 12th week at the chart’s summit!

Katy Perry holds court at #2 for a second week, while Gaga jumps 6-4… When Katy drops the music video for “ROAR”, Robin’s going to be vanquished, that’s just our opinion but we’ll just have to see…

He’s a mere 2 weeks away from Mariah Carey’s chart benchmark of 14 weeks at #1….

Mariah Carey & Kanye West Fighting For Priority At Def Jam!

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So reportedly Mimi is pissed because Kanye’s been awarded more promo dollars for his recent album then what she’s received for her own.. Promo dollars are label appropriated funds for recording sessions, production and song writer expenses, music videos, etc…

Kanye’s album debuted at number 1 but its his smallest debut yet and has since fallen out of the top 10… Mariah’s been with def jam since 2002 and Kanye was signed by Jay Z the following year so Mariah does have slight seniority but both have been immensely successful at the label…

Apparently one of Mariah’s spies at the label let her know what Mr West promo budget was and she stormed into the def jam offices for explanation and ended up calling him a cry baby with angry, misogynistic music.. Kanye got wind of it and won’t stop calling her but she keeps sending his ass to voicemail lol!

Mariah also reportedly had some things to say about Kanye’s relationship with Kim Kardasian…. Needless to say, the Cannons probably won’t be invited to the wedding lol!

Kanye and Mariah worked together in 2005 on a song called “stay the night” for her come back album, The Emancipation of Mimi… Hope they make up!

MTV Vma Coverage 2013!!

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Katy Perry Jumps 85-2, Gaga Debuts aT #6!!

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katy perry 2

YES!!! Katy’s song is better even though Gaga’s chorus and lyric video for “Applause” are absolute life! The official video was a let down though which is why we’re rooting for Queen Katherine..

In the midst of the chart race, Robin Thicke remains #1 for an 11th straight week, making history with his chart numbers and radio stats!

Chris Brown PISSED About Community Service!!

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chris brown faggot

This n**** is really a piece of work.. I mean dude, we all know you didn’t do your Rihanna hours, we all know you and your mom bullsh** all those records…. Furthermore, this year you beat up Frank Ocean, a few fans and hit some poor lady wit your car and took off… ¬†You have NOT been acting like you’re on anybody’s probation.. It’s been business as usual for you…. Community service shouldn’t even be an option. You should be in JAIL my n****!!

Ugh, Chris tweeted the following:

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Drake Reveals 2 Album Covers!!

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The albums coming 9.24.13 and the buzz is ridiculous! Drizzy could easily debut upwards of 500k, matching Hov’s recent chart feat!

Drake will be performing at the VMAs this year! #YMCMB

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