So… It Took 5 Minutes For Miguel To Replace Trey Songz?

miguel 5

YES! We never really cared for Trey Songz, was always something really thirsty about em and we hated that he was incapable of a decent live performance but Miguel is a whole musician; singer, song writer, good, distinctive vocals that he can reproduce live.. The singer has been cashing collaboration checks since the release of “Adorn”, his biggest hit as a solo artist, a top 20 hit as a feature on J Cole’s “Power trip” and hit a career high when “#Beautiful”, his hit with Mariah Carey out charted both of those records!

Obvious Justin Timberlake is running r&b overall, commercially, debuting at #1, shifted a million copies his first week, singles in the top but but in the body of urban r&b, Miguel has seeming replaced Trey Songz, whose arguably been the big d*** since about 2010…

We can’t take too much away from Trey. He’s charted, he’s headlined successful tours and he’s actually capable of making a pretty good record but the #s are in and Miguel is KILLING 2013!


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