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Beyonce’s “4” V Adele’s “21”!!

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These are 2 great woman, great artists with tremendous followings and a lot of successes. They also have a mutual amount of respect for one another but there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition right? 

We all know Adele’s “21” trounced Beyonce’s latest work sales wise but B really went in from almost EVERY angle in the studio.. The same can be said of Adele’s 10x platinum masterpiece.. So lets put the numbers aside and talk about the material, who recorded a better album?

When we heard “Rolling In The Deep” we were almost paralyzed by how much her voice had grown and how much emotion she was conveying… That kind of record comes along ever so often, brilliant, couldn’t have been sung better! She followed it up with “Someone Like You” arguably one of the most relatable and well written love songs of our time… She furthered the level of expression by singing the HELL out of it! This process was repeated over and over again throughouy the album.. “I’ll Be Waiting” is our favorite!

We were totally blind sided by the vocals, the writing and the musicianship found on “21” and we’re not alone.. Adele cleaned house at every major around show in the last year and a half, including the Grammys!

Beyonce’s “4”…… We’ll be honest and say that we expected this album to be COMPLETE bullsh**! After the luke warm offerings of “I Am” and the bomb (in a bad way) first single choice (Run The World), we wholly expect Beyonce’s 4th studio effort to flop! 

We were wrong… The album is a triumph, a bar raiser, musicianship we didn’t think she was or ever would be capable of!

Beyonce did a complete 180 and came back with some r&b sh** which was totally unexpected. The first 3 or 4 songs tanked at radio but the ppl loved “Love On Top”, “Dance For You” and the cool AF, Kanye produced, J Cole & Andre 3k assisted “Party” but the album was so much more then those mere r&b hits..

Tracks like “Start Over” and “I Miss You” that should have lead the albums promo campaign won’t ever see the light of die or radio for that matter despite the genius!! Beyonce went IN and if you were turned off by the more urban tracks she sent to radio, you’re doing yourself a complete injustice! Cop “4” immediately!

So who won??? It’s hard to say… Sales, awards and bullsh** aside… Beyonce out sung Adele, which was no easy task… However, Adele emptied an automatic assault weapon on Beyonce’s ENTIRE team of writers with tracks like “Set Fire To The Rain”, “Someone Like You” and “Rolling In The Deep”… The vocals and the material are so comparable that we can’t call it, it’s up to the fans and the fans can debate these 2 ladies and there work all day…


The 4 Most influential Women In UrBan Music!

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Beyonce, the “Queen” the brilliant, un-matched performer. Her voice, her stage presence and her beauty are know the world over but not all of us are stans. I for one see the cracks, the flaws that every artist has.. They aren’t huge but she could really have a problem if her next studio effort doesn’t at least match 2008’s “I Am”. She’s going to face creative battles with her label and her management team, both trying to ensure her future.

Shortly before her last album album dropped, she terminated her long time manager and father, Matthew Knowles. I and most of the music world were horrified, with good reason. Consequently a genius, masterpiece of an album was squandered and almost went unheard by the public but to be perfectly honest, she couldn’t have recorded a better album last year. “4” is a triumph but this game is full of artist that make great music and don’t know how to market it.

Despite all this, she’s is unquestionably one of the most recognizable faces/voices in urban music! Good luck on the new album B!

Nicki, oh Nicki! She’s so much more then r&b/hiphop, blurring the lines between those genres and pop music,  Nicki is a commercial force, touring with Britney Spears and adding Madonna to her list of collaborators. It doesn’t get anymore official then the Harajuku Barbie, who seems to have everyone who matters stamp of approval!

“Pink Friday” was one of the biggest successes of 2011, shifting millions of copies and producing just as many top 20 singles as the next girl. She’s gone way beyond any other female rapper, charting with the best, Rihanna, Katy, Britney!

Nicki is no doubt one of the biggest females in urban music, perhaps it’s most colorful character! With a new album coming in March, will get to see what she’s really made of. If “Stupid Hoe” is any indication of what’s to come, the fans should be elated!

Mariah Carey, Billboard’s reigning Queen. She’s been doing this for more then 20 years and at 41, she’s the most seasoned diva on the list. She founded r&B/hiphop in 1997 with “Honey” and her “Butterfly” album, a genre that so many artist, not just the other women on this list have relished in!

Mariah’s new album is coming this year and I can only hope it’s as triumphant and groundbreaking as 2009’s “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”,  arguably her best studio effort via Def Jam. Unfortunately Mimi’s has begun to relic, not by her own design though.

The suites pulling the strings and making the decisions totally stifled “Memoirs” which would have been just as big or bigger then 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” had some smarter, more obvious choices been made. The album is crammed with r&b DIAMONDS, some of the best recordings of Mariah’s career thus far but aside from “Obsessed”, the material was never really heard..

This new album is either going to return her to absolute prominence of further relic one of the most prolific, popular and successful divas to ever enter the studio. Good luck Mimi!

The diva no one saw coming! Rihanna is a beast, the product of careful planning and a nearly PERFECT team, an EXCELLENT team!

Jay-Z’ brainchild & Def Jam’s most prized possession is breaking records at radio and Billboard set by artist like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, carving her name on the walls of music history along side those that came before her. 

In just 7 years she’s earned 11 number one singles and ascended to a plateau that only one other women on this list is capable. Rihanna’s recorded an album every year since her debut and her work ethic has paid of, ultimately making her the most prolific and popular artist featured in this article. 

The Comeback Kids: Chris Brown, J-Lo & Kelly Rowand!!!


Yes indeed! A year ago no one would have seen or guessed these 3 be where they are now.

Chris Brown has successful return to the upper hierarchy of popular music, seemingly more talented and dominant then ever.

Kelly Rowland has finally escaped Beyonce’s shadowed, has a monster hit with “Motivation” and is releasing her 3rd studio album is about a month!

Jennifer Lopez returns with “On The Floor” and the “Love” album, two hits, the single earning her the biggest J-Lo chart stats in almost a decade. She’s gorgeous, fearless and back!

Though this artist have overcome great obstacles to arrive at there present state, none but Chris Brown are out of the woods yet. Chris has chart 3 to 4 r&b hits from his comeback effort “F.A.M.E” and is about to embark on a U.S tour but Kelly’s new album is still in the works and Jennifer’s comeback wasn’t as well recieved, despite the singles success…

Kelly Rowland is going to have to give us another r&b track we can’t stop singing to ourselves for the transition to come full circle while J-Lo is going to have to pull 2 or 4 rabbits outta her a** to make the ppl forget the albums disappointing sales stats..

American Idol has been so good to Jenny but that promo plateau is only as good as the material she channels through it. “I’m Into U” wasn’t the right direction to go after “On The Floor”. She’s made us dance and we want to keep dancing. The next thing we need to hear is “Good Hit”, the stongest and most uptempo track on the album. She needs to shoot a sickening video and promote the song like all hell. The public doesn’t even realize her album is flopping because “On The Floor” is still getting massive spins and urban and commercial radio. She needs to capitalize on that!

If Kelly f*** this up she’ll find herself in a deeper whole then she was before, much like what happened to Ashanti when she failed to followup “Only U” correctly… A similar fate awaits Jennifer is Def Jam doesn’t wise up and get on that A&R’s a**…

To Chris, congratulation yo, u made it!!! & to my ladies, GOOD LUCK!

Between The Dungeon Dragon & The It Girl, Where Does The Queen B Fit In???

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This is a question I’ve been asking myself again and again and again these past weeks.

Nicki Mnaj shocked the game and caught me completely off guard with her critically praised debut album, “Pink Friday”. I bought the album not expecting much at all but got a project that easily stands up to truly monumental hiphop albums like “The Blueprint III” and 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. The Dungeon Dragon is on top of the world right now, riding high on a nearly 400k debut, numerous radio hits and commanding 50k a verse. She’s unquestionably the baddest chick in urban music right now! Then there’s her collaborator, Rihanna…

The It Girl is hotter then HELL right now. Her album only debuted at #3 but she just nailed down two #1 singles within weeks of eachother and she’s breaking Billboard and radio records all over the world. “Loud” is “Good Girl Gone Bad” part 2 and she’s got at least 2 more chart toppers on this album and several potential others through collaborations with some of the top names in popular music, including long time friend Kanye West and the other subject of this article, Nicki Minaj!

The tragic thing about Beyonce is that she’s changed so drastically in the past 2 or 3 years. She’s not the phoenix she once was. She and her management have allowed SonyMusic/Columbia to water her down, package her and market her to a huge new audience she’s never appealed to before. Judging by the weak chart performance of most of her singles, they still aren’t feeling her despite the shinny new wrapper.I for one feel alienated and I know I’m not the only fan that misses that diva that use to have these other b****** shook, panic’n!

With Nicki Minaj being the fiercest b**** to come up since Beyonce’s debut almost 8 years ago and Rihanna taking full advantage of the fact that Lady Gaga is currently off the scene working on here new album; the climate is going to be EXTREMELY icy when B steps out with her new single.. We were actually suppose to hear that new music weeks ago but between Nicki’s media/radio blitz and Rihanna’s Billboard conquest, Beyonce is watching her steps and choosing them VERY carefully.

Now isn’t the time for her to come back. She’s no longer the baddest chick in urban music, she put that crown down to chase the white vote. Nicki picked it up and Rihanna’s keeping Gaga’s seat warm until February… Where does she fit now? The pressure is ON!!!! Beyonce just stole 6 Grammys, on the heels off the biggest sells stats of her career and her most  commercial success EVER. Can she get us bodied this time though? Can she still slay in the mist of of a hungry Nicki trying to establish herself and a extremely prolific Rihanna running the show? Or will we finally see the cracks?

5 Albums We Can’t Wait To Hear!!!

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Kanye West: “Good Ass Job”/ “My Beautiful Dark Twist Fastasy”

The fans have been waiting for this album since that morbid performance of “Love LockDown” on the MTV VMAs 2 years ago. We’re ready to hear Kanye be a rapper again, a true emcee without all the autotone and darkness found on 2008’s “808’s&Heartbreak”, his last album which went completely un-noticed by the Grammy Academy…

This new album will drop Nov. 22nd and the lead single, “Power” is a signature Kanye track! I’m sooooo excited to hear a authentic, pure, soulful album like those past. I’m hoping for something like his 2007 hit “Graduation”. Am I asking for too much? Hope not..

Beyonce: “Virtuoso Intellect”

The title is tentative but I’d like it if she named it that and maybe even brought it this time like she did in 2006… I could write a whole article on that statement alone but I’ll be brief..

Beyonce collected 6 more Grammys earlier this year for her 3rd studio album, “I Am Sasha Fierce”. This album, to me, wasn’t at all what it should have been. I wanna see if that pheonix we saw back in 06 still breathes somewhere inside her. This 4th album will answer that question.

About a week ago Beyonce pregnancy rumors hit the net. Tina Knowles cleared the air on network television but make no mistake, Beyonce is already on the buzz campaign and that rumor had it’s roots in her camp. We should be hearing new music from her in less then a week and she’s got the people talking already. “I Am” shifted almost 7 million copies, won countless awards and delivered a handful of top 40 hits. Whatever she’s been recording for the last 6 to 8 months has to at least match these feats to be labeled a success… B’s new project may be the most highly anticipated on this list..

Jazmine Sullivan “Love Me Back”

This is her second album, following her Grammy nominated debut, “Fearless”. Great album, amazing vocals and some of the most sincere song writing I’ve heard since Keyshia Cole’s “Just Like You”.

The new album will feature production and credits from the same talent that made her debut such a stunning project and that is something I admire. So many artist find what works, an award winning formula and then switch everything up for no reaon (Beyonce & Keyshia Cole)… It’s foolish! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

I can’t wait to hear what Jazzy and Missy have come up with! Judging by her first two singles, I’d say she’s gotta hell of an album to share with us..

Rihanna “Loud”

Awww yes… This new album is going to be almost a splitting image of 2007’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” or at least that’s what Def Jam is aiming for.

Rihanna’s 2009 album “Rated R” was a slow seller but it wasn’t due to the material. That album is the essence of Rihanna, the real It Girl minus the sugary pop that earned her that title.. Tracks like “Wait Your Turn” and “RudeBoy” illustrate a much darker, much more mature artist then previous seen. But something was off…

The single selection was ALL wrong on this album. “Hard” and “Russian Roulette” should NEVER have been singles. “Hard” was luke warm top 10 hit that did more harm then good and “Russian Roulette” was an awful preview of perhaps the best album Rihanna’s recorded thus far, hence the underwhelming sales of 900k+…

“Only Girl” and “What’s My Name” promise much and I believe Rihanna & Def Jam will deliver with “Loud”! Can’t wait!!

Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday”

Nicki’s promo campaign got off to a slow start. “Massive Attack” was ignored by fans and radio alike but she rebounded HARD with the record breaking hit “Your Love”, which could arguably be dubbed the 2010 song of the summer.. Her recent collabos with Will.I.Am, Rick Ross and Kanye West are great listens but none of those tracks will show there faces on her debut and that worries me..

Industry exports question whether or not she can stand on her own two feet, no collabos, no hype man, no bigger, more successful artist to hide behind.. I also ponder that notion and Nov 23rd will tell all. Sink or swim Nicki…

These albums will all be available before years end, accept maybe Beyonce’s. We’ll probably have to wait until the first quarter 2011 for that. I wish them all luck, I’mma hard grader..

The Baddest Chick In The Game Is Lady Gaga!!!

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Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It dawned on me while watching the “Alejandro” music video! There I was putting away the eggs and sausage ::yummmyyy:: and then the epiphany came; Lady Gaga’s sold millions of copies of her first and second albums, all her singles have reached the Billboard top 10, two of those became #1’s and not since Michael Jackson has the world awaited a new music video from ANY artist!

The only artist that remotely comes close to her market value, radio potential and chart worth is The Black Eyed Peas! Only they have replicated nearly every feat listed above. “Boom Boom Pow”, “I Gotta Feeling”, “Imma Be”, “Meet Me Halfway” and “Rock That Body” have ALL entered Billboard’s top 10 and the first 3 went on to become #1 singles. They have sold just as many or more albums then Gaga but no single, solo artist can match her. Not even former Queen B, Beyonce comes close… That’s the mess right there!

Beyonce’s last album sold more then anything else she’s put her name on but her chart, radio and commercial numbers don’t stand up to Gaga’s… No matter how much satan she worships, it appears he has his favorite and so does the industry!

Top Female R&B Albums In Recent Memory!!!

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There are many great r&b albums out there with a lot to give but some stand head and shoulders above the rest. A good album is comprised of music that is listenable, well written, produced, and sung. Names like Maxwell and Jamie Foxx come to find but I’m not going to be talking about the boys.. It’s the females that really give it to me, vocally at least.

I have carefully chosen 3 albums that have been released roughly in the last 2 years. Here’s what I came up with, from least to greatest.

At the time, I thought this was the best female r&b effort since Mariah’s “The Emancipation of Mimi”. Keri’s debut is incredibly well produced and written! That’s where she got her 5’s, the 5’s that pushed her review to a 4.50 overall.

The album was listenable but the vocals aren’t as stellar as I needed them to be. She’s a good singer but doesn’t possess as much range or versatility as the other 2 women on this list.

This album completely surprised me!!! Monica came hard with a strong and extremely listenable r&b album that has become a bridge between Ms Keri and my #1 choice. Her album is more listenable then “In A Perfect World” and better sung. Monica’s voice is just as crisp as it was when she debuted in the mid 1990s. This album came out a few weeks ago, if you don’t have it, COP IT IMMEDIATELY, she did the damn thing!

This album is by far the best female r&b effort in recent memory, with vocals and listenability that sore high above the other two projects presented here. The production and writing are on point and this is perhaps Mariah’s best Def Jam release to date…perhaps better then “The Emancipation of Mimi”.. COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Written By RJ DaMonarch

April 14th, 2010