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Beyonce’s Music Sales Increase By 230% Following SuperBowl Performance!!

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beyonce superbowl

Beyonce has started 2013 extremely strong; endorsements with Pepsi and H&M, a documentary with HBO, a new album coming and one of the greatest half time shows ever didn’t hurt things at all! Her music has been flying off the shelf and iTunes since Sunday’s performance!!

Billboard reports the following:

Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show has predictably sent sales of her music skyrocketing.

The diva headlined the Super Bowl XLVII halftime festivities in New Orleans last night (Feb. 3), where she performed eight songs and reunited with Destiny’s Child.


Industry sources suggest that in the week ending Feb. 3, Beyonce’s digital album sales jumped by over 230%. Meanwhile, those of her group Destiny’s Child soared by more than 600%. That latter increase is inordinately large as it includes sales of the trio’s brand new “Love Songs” compilation, released last Tuesday. The set features one new recording, “Nuclear.”

The album sales gains are also aided by discount pricing in both the iTunes and Amazon MP3 stores. The former discounted key earlier titles from Beyonce and Destiny’s Child to $7.99 while the latter marked them down to between $5 and $7.99.

In terms of digital song sales, Beyonce’s grew by an estimated 85% while Destiny Child’s rose by over 300%.

Beyonce’s biggest selling song of the week was “Halo,” which closed her eight-song halftime set. The biggest Destiny’s Child song of the week, according to early data, looks to be “Say My Name” (which was not part of the halftime medley). Two Destiny’s Child tunes were performed at the Super Bowl: “Bootylicious” and “Independent Women (Part 1).”

The week’s official Nielsen SoundScan sales figures for Beyonce and Destiny’s Child will be released on Wednesday (Feb. 6). Further impact from the halftime show will be felt next week, after a full seven days’ worth of sales are registered post-game.

King B Salutes Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson & DC For SuperBowl Performances!!

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beyonce 2013 superbowl 2

We have all the respect in the world for King B and it only grew when we learned of this gesture! She did a great show and exhibited so much character, so much class, true royalty…


Beyonce’s Superbowl Half Time Show!!

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b half time show

In case you somehow missed Beyonce’s half time show performance lastnite!

We loved it but think it could have been so much more then this and ultimately, it’s overshadowed by Madonna’s 2012 performance…

We also were really disappointed that there was no new music…………

Beyonce’s “The Mrs Carter Show” New Album & Tour!!

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“The Mrs Carter Show” is the title of her new World Tour but the name and the imagery could hint at the direction of the album and it’s own name… French royalty is what she’s giving!

B’s also expected to make a special announcement following her Superbowl Halftime Show tomorrow evening! It’s official B season!!

Beyonce Rehearsing For The SuperBowl!! (VIDEO)

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b rehearsal

Based on the video, I guess we can conclude that one of the songs performed will be “End of Time” lol… Can’t wait to see the whole show, think she might be able to match Madonna’s EPIC 2012 performance! We’re also asking ourselves, WHERE THE F**** is this new single? If she’s got any sense, it’ll be on the setlist for the half time show as well!

Beyonce Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract With H&M!!!

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h and m

HA!!! We’re not suppose to know about this until the summer but one of Beyonce’s ppl accidently tweeted from a H&M/Beyonce photo shoot with a few too many details. The tweet was quickly deleted but had already been retweeted by 6,000 ppl!

CNN reported the story right after the inauguration this morning but H&M is yet to comment on what was suppose to be a secret endorsement deal until Summer 2013!

Bey is really racking in the millions; 100 million dollar contract with Pepsi (20-30 million dollar advance), SuperBowl Half Time Show checks, advances from Sony and she’s obviously going to embark on a ginormous world tour in support of her 5th album! This could be her biggest year yet, financially!! #WINNING

Alicia Keys To Sing National Anthem At Superbowl 47!!

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keys at the superbowl

YESSS!!! It’s been confirmed; Alicia Keys will sing the half time show at this years superbowl game!! As we all know, Beyonce will be headlining the half time show, should be EPIC!!

We love Alicia but she’s had some questionable vocal performances over the last couple of years, many argue that she’s lost a great deal of her voice. We hope she can pull it all together and kill the national anthem!