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Highlights From VH1’s Divas Live!!

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ledesi smash

kelly and keri

ciara billie jean


Click on the images to peep the live performances from VH1’s DIVAS LIVE!!

Our notes:

– Ledesi was holding back but still KILLED that performance!

– Why did Adam Lambert drag Kelly and Ms Keri on that Donna tribute?

– Where were Kelly Rowland’s vocals?

– Why was Ciara invited? MJ’s be deceased for almost 4 years and her single isn’t charting ANYWHERE! We don’t know who she slept with to get on this show…..


Ciara Premieres “Got Me Good” Official Video!!

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Ugh…… The song is mediocre and she’s displaying the same dance steps we’ve been seeing since “One, 2 Step”……….. Someone please let her know that’s she’s going to have to do more then dance to return from the dead.. She’s going to have to come hard like Brandy and Kelly did if she wants us to live like we use to! It has to be everything, the complete package from top to bottom, lyrics, production, visual.. One element isn’t going to get anybody excited but the stands…..

Ciara “Sorry” Official Video!!

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We like the video, song is straight, sounds like something Toni Braxton would have put on her last album. Is it strong enough to return to Ciara to r&b prominence? Naw, close but it’s not as strong as tracks like “Ride”, “You Can Get It” or “Promise” but it’s a solid song and video. Success, flop…this could go either way depending on how heavy her promo is.. Too bad there’s no award show coming up where she can KILL this on stage!

Ciara Announces “One Woman Army” New Album & First Single!!!

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If Ciara and L.A have ANY sense at all, this album will drop in the next couple months. Beyonce is in the studio, missed a few meals with “4” and is hungrier then EVER!! B and Ciara CAN’T co-exist, they CAN’T promote an album at the same time…..

Not to sound like a negative nancy lol and if you’re a TrueClef reader, you know that we don’t stan for Beyonce but we do have tremendous respect for what she’s capable of promo, tour and stage wise… L.A’s a smart man, one of the best ppl to have behind you in this industry, I hope he does what’s best for Ciara…

Rap Up reports the following:

C-Squad, get ready. Ciara is marching back to the front lines with her fifthalbum One Woman Army.

 The R&B singer revealed the title during a live chat with MTV to promotethe comedy That’s My Boy. “Sweat” will serve as the first single off the follow-up to 2010’s Basic Instinct.

“I’m finishing up my album. It’s called One Woman Army and you guys will be in for a treat very soon,” she told MTV News. “My new single ‘Sweat’ will be coming as well. … It’s gonna make you sweat in all kinds of ways.”

Last year, Ciara parted with Jive and reunited with longtime mentor L.A. Reid at Epic Records. She also stars alongside Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in That’s My Boy, in theaters June 15.


Ciara 2012 Album!!!

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Ciara is on the move, recording music for her next album, promoting her forthcoming role in “That’s My Boy” with Adam Sandler and more.

Admitting she has a whole new vibe and creative control with L.A. Reid (Epic), Ciara says there is nothing but “good energy” now.

“It’s just really about the vibe,” Ciara said of working with Reid on her as-yet-untitled album this week. “It’s really important for me to take my time with this record. It’s really really good energy.”

Admitting there have been some “mistakes” in the past, Ciara is all about business and growing with fans now.

“I’ve been able to make mistakes in front of my fans. It’s kind of fun to be able to learn as I grow and to know that my fans are growing with me. I feel so much good energy,” said Ciara. “At this point it’s important for me to be the best businesswoman I can be. I really want to build my empire. I look at things completely different than I would have with my first album. I’ve learned so much, it’s actually exciting. I feel like there is so much I can do. So much I can accomplish.”

Ciara is also co-producing music for this new album.

Source: SingersRoom

Hmmmmmm, I’ve heard all these things from her before… This time, I hope she’s got her head out of her a**, that her previous label really was the issue, not her, that she’s ready to work and fu** the stupid up!!

This girl has MASSIVE potential, her voice records beautifully, she’s gorgeous and she’s a brilliant dancer. L.A Reid will attempt to emancipate her!

Beyonce put her to bed almost 4 years ago, let’s hope she’s finally woken up..

L.A Reid Signs Ciara To Epic!!!

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Interesting huh… The rumors have been flying since the summer but now it’s confirmed! L.A Reid is aiming to re-invent and re-established Ciara, formerly one of the most popular artist in urban music. 

Her career kinda went to sh** about 3 years ago, her single, “Go Girl”, which I actually LOVED was trounced by Beyonce’s epic video assisted, “Single Ladies”, which is easily the most successful song of B’s career…

For some time it appeared Ciara was a match for Queen B but changes in production, management and conflicts at her label weakened her presentation and ultimately her music.. L.A is aiming to do her what he did in 2005 with Mariah Carey and in 2010 with Jennifer Lopez, a complete and total comeback! We’ll see what happens…

Rihanna & Ciara Have It OUT On Twitter!!!

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Oh damn!!! Sh** got real on Twitter! Regardless of how Rihanna acted in person, it had NOTHING to do with fashion and nothing to do with the show… It was a slug, Rihanna saw it and went on the offense! I and any other public figure would have handled the situation the same way. They were talking about her outfit, we don’t need to know how she brushed passed u like the D lister you are Ciara…

Rihanna, way to read shawty!