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Mary J Blige “Mr Wrong” Official Video Featuring Drake!!!

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I love the song but the video is a miss, some portions are really glamorous but some shots scream her age, all the shots with her busting those 90s dance moves in particular… She still makes good music but like Mariah, Toni and other older artist approaching the relic phase, new talent needs to be brought to there team. That dance sequence had NO business in this visual! It hurt her image and the strength of the song, looking like Keyshia Cole sickening mama lol! Much love MJB!

ps: I know this has been on YouTube for a couple weeks but I’m just now taking the time to watch it, I know I’m late!


MJB & Beyonce Collaborating On New Album!!!

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Mary J. Blige recently made her way to London and stopped by UK’s Kiss FM to talk with Clara about herupcoming album ‘My Life… The Journey Continues (Act I)’ due out November 21st. The two talk about the lead single “25/8″ off of the project and its meaning, as well as how the album compares to its prequel ‘My Life.’

They also talk about the star-studded line-up that she recruited for the project, including Drake, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, amongst others, and why she reached out to these specific artists. Another big feature and highly-anticipated song is the Beyonce feature, and Mary J reveals how that song came into fruition.

“Well the thing is, we didn’t get a chance to work together,” Mary explains. “The song came from Beyonce. She gave me the song. She sent the song through her people, and her vocals were completely on the song. I’m like, ‘Okay what does this mean?’ The song was so crazy. I was like, ‘Are you playing?! Is this for me?’ They were like, ‘Yeah this is for you!’ I was like, ‘Well why doesn’t she want it?!’ because the song was so crazy. They were like, ‘Well she wants to stay on it’ and I was like ‘Cool!’ It doesn’t get any better than that. I love Beyonce. She inspires me. It was a blessing to have her on the record.”

Source: SingersRoom

I love it! B’s vocals are stronger, crisper then MJB’s but The Queen of HipHop Soul is more then capable. I can’t wait to hear this track, just hope it doesn’t get looked over like her 2009 duet with Alicia Keyes, great song, video shot and everything but for some reason we never got to see it…..

Mary J Blige Releasing “My Life II” In September!!!


Seventeen years after issuing sophomore album “My Life,”Mary J. Blige will offer a sequel to her breakthrough disc this fall. “My Life II, The Journey Continues,” the R&B star’s tenth studio album, will be released Sept. 20 and feature production from Kanye West, Danja, Swizz Beatz and Stargate, the singer announced today (Apr. 4).

“From me to you, “My Life II” … our journey together continues in this life. It’s a gift to be able to relate and identify with my fans at all times,” says Blige, who recorded the album in New York and Los Angeles. “This album is a reflection of the times and lives of people all around me.”

The album’s first single, “Someone to Love Me (Naked)” featuring Diddyand Lil Wayne, is currently at No. 66 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The music video for the track will officially premiere tomorrow night (April 5) on VEVO, but the clip already leaked online today

Source: Billboard

I love the song and the video is cool too. I’mma MJB fan but I didn’t really enjoy her 2009 album. I’m hoping this album will be more like 2005’s “Breakthrough”!!!

Mary Shatters Beyonce & Mariah’s Fragrance Stats!!!

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MJB has released her new perfume, “MY LIFE” and a set a new record as she sold over 50-thousand  bottles of her new perfume on the Home Shopping Network.   The perfume retails for around $50.

That doesn’t quite dwarf Mariah’s “M” or Beyonce’s “Heat” numbers. Both divas have set landmark sells records and Mariah’s even received a few awards for “M” and it’s variations but MJB’s 50,000 botttles is something else!.

I didn’t even know she had a fragrance! Get it Mary!

Drake’s “Fancy” Was Intended For MJB???

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Rap newcomer DRAKE was lucky to land his new single FANCY for his debut album THANK ME LATER – because producer SWIZZ BEATZ had previously offered it to MARY J. BLIGE.

Beatz admits Drake was never the first choice to record the track – it was initially intended for his own album, before he decided to play it for Blige.

The R&B superstar failed to wrap the song in time for her latest release Stronger With Each Tear, and the tune was subsequently passed on to Drake.

Beatz tells, “Fancy has been well-travelled. It started off as a Swizz record. Then I got Mary on it. It was supposed to be on her (Stronger With Each Tear album), but we missed the deadline. Then I pulled it back for my (upcoming) record.

“Then five o’clock one morning, on the phone speaking with Drake, he’s in a different time zone, we’re trying to figure out what he needs (for his album). He’s like, ‘Yo, I just need a record for the ladies.’ I’m on my computer playing him joints over the phone. Then I played him Fancy. I was like, ‘You want something like this?’ But I was playing it as a reference.”

However, Drake liked the track so much he convinced the producer to hand over the song there and then. Beatz says, “He was like, ‘That’s the record I need.’ I said, ‘OK, I’ll make you (one like) that.’ (Drake replied), ‘No. That’s the record I need.'”

But he insists he had no qualms about giving in to Drake’s demands: “I’m a producer first, so he can have the record. I’m still on it, it’s still love. He’s a heck of an artist, and I feel no ways but honoured (sic).”

Source: ContactMusic

Keri Hilson & MJB Being Sued For Stealing “Take Me As I Am”!!!

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Reigning Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige and Keri Hilson who is a part of the production team “The Clutch” are being sued for copyright infringement over Mary’s hit song“Take Me As I Am”.

According to published reports, Songwriters Jay Ballard andKim Jones filed a lawsuit against Mary J Blige and The Clutch for allegedly stealing their song “Take Me as I Am” which was released in 1995 and using it for Mary’s hit 2005 song of the same name, taken from her hit album The Breakthrough.

In a complaint filed with the United States District Court in the Central District of California, the duo is seeking an accounting for all singles and albums sold in all formats, royalties and an accounting of publishing income derived from using the song in advertisements.

The Clutch has produced a number of hits for artists like Justin Bieber, Omarion, Britney Spears, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, and Timbaland.

Source: Associated Press

I’m mad at this! I love that song!

MJB “Hood Love” Ft Trey Songz Official Video!!!


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I like this song, even with Trey but I really wanted her next single to be “Kitchen”, it’s the best song on the whole album! The project overall is a bit laskluster but solid..