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Britney Spears “Queen B” Album Update!!!

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Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, the producer behind pop smashes like Ke$ha‘s “TiK ToK” and Katy Perry‘s “California Gurls,” talked about the secrets to his chart achievements in a keynote Q&A at the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference. Of his many upcoming projects, the most anticipated might beBritney Spears‘ follow-up to 2008’s “Circus,” which he is executive-producing alongside Max Martin.

“She’s an icon,” Gottwald said of Spears. “She’s been around for a while and always delivers, so there’s a lot for us to live up to.”

Dr. Luke, who co-produced and co-wrote the title track to “Circus,” said that he has not yet met with Spears to begin working on the album. However, the producer told the audience that he already has a few ideas in mind that will help shift the pop star’s musical style.

“I want [the sound] to get harder in some ways,” said Gottwald, “and maybe a little more deep into electronic — grimier.”

Spears has reportedly finished three new songs for the album, although Gottwald said that there’s no timetable for a release. “We’re early in the process,” he said.

Source: Billboard

I’m more excited about her working with Max Martin (“3”, “If You Seek Amy”) but I’m sure Ke$ha’s producer has some great ideas for her. The great thing about Britney is that her music has evolved but somehow remained distinctly “Britney”, “3”, “Gimme More”, “Piece of Me” and “If You Seek Amy” are recent tracks but don’t sound anything like Katy Perry, Rihanna or Ke$ha. Those 3 seem to all be drawing song titles and producers from the same hat and consequently sounding the same..

Though there’s no official release date for Britney’s “Queen B” album, I expect it no later the summer 2011!

Beyonce Tries To Explain the “TelePhone” Video…

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“The video in a lot of ways is more about her even than it is about me. It was sort of a pop-art venture for me to bring her into my world in a way, the video is an attempt for her and I to erase pop music as we know it up until this very point. It’s meant to change the perspective of the world on what a pop music video should be and she’s kind of the vehicle for that. In reality, more people around the world are familiar with her aesthetics than they are with mine. It was something for me to kind of change the way that you see her for one video.”

Source: Power 106 in L.A

Wow… I guess Beyonce.. Pop can’t be erased until this point, especially not by Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

The video is actually full of occult symbols and subliminal messaging designed to assert and empower the ppl that fund these types or artist and glorify Baphomet.. Sit down Beyonce!

Janet Cover Gotham Magazine!!!

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Rihanna Shifts 1 Million+ Copies In 5 Weeks!!!

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“Rated R” sold 209,000 copies last week worldwide, which means that the album sold more than 1 million (1,013,000) copies in just 5 weeks. This is Rihanna’s fastest sprint to platinum status with any album project

Give it to the girls Riri!!!

Uhhh… Mariah…Amerie… where y’all at???

Chris Brown’s Album Artwork is FIRE!!!

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YESSSSS!!!!! I’ve been listening to a few leaked tracks from the album and…. IT’ SLAYS! I can’t wait to hear the whole project and review! Rihanna’s been drag’n this boy’s name through the mud but he may have made a better album!!!

Michael Jackson Continues to Shatter Billboard Records, “Thriller” to Become Best selling album of ALL TIME!!!!!!!


mj thriller

For nearly a decade, the Eagles’ “Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975” has been the recording industry’s ultimate evergreen release, certified by the RIAA as the all-time best-selling album in the United States. But thanks to continued robust demand for Michael Jackson’s catalog since his June 25 death, “Thriller” appears on the verge of matching “Their Greatest Hits,” at least in the eyes of the industry trade group.

In March, the Recording Industry Association of America certified “Thriller” as 28 times platinum, meaning that at least 28 million copies of the album have been shipped since its 1982 release. That’s just a notch behind the Eagles’ hits compilation, which was released in 1976 and was certified 29 times platinum in 2006.

Billboard estimates that the posthumous surge in Jackson’s sales and Sony Music Entertainment’s efforts to push Jackson CDs into the distribution pipeline have likely propelled shipments of Jackson product, if not yet sales, beyond the 29 million-unit mark in the United States. Amid the recent explosion in Jackson sales, “Thriller” has enjoyed the second-biggest sales bump in his catalog, just behind the hits collection “Number Ones.” During the three weeks that ended July 12, “Thriller” sold 552,000 U.S. copies, for year-to-date sales of 608,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan.


Most industry executives believe that the most recent SoundScan week — which included the widely watched memorial service for Jackson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles — will mark a posthumous weekly peak for Jackson sales. They also expect sales to wind down slowly in the next few months, which means sales will remain strong. In the week ended July 12, Jackson’s album catalog sold a combined 1.1 million copies, up from nearly 800,000 in the preceding week and 422,000 in the week he died.


The World Said GoodBye to Michael Jackson Yesterday Morning… In Case you missed it…

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mike memorial 1

mike memorial 2

mike memorial 3

mike memorial 4

mike memorial 5