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Chris Brown Cheating On Rihanna ALREADY??

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Yes and no.. In recent interviews with both Chris and Rihanna, the 2 describe a close friendship but haven’t announced via ANY major media outlet to be back together… The relationship isn’t official or labeled as anything serious despite the instagram pics, twitpics and public outings they’ve been on..

Chris has been crazy about her for the last 5 years or so and even got into a physical confrontation with Drake behind her.. He’s not going anywhere but the openness of the relationship allows him to smash around, I’m sure Rih’s doing the same.. ::cough cough:: J Cole…


Rita Ora & Jay-Z Affair??

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rita affair

Hmmmmm….. That’s the word but who knows. In our opinion, Jay has something going on Rihanna, something that Beyonce was okay with but since Chris Brown has come back into the picture, driving her RocNation Porsche and sh**, J has had to get it in at home or else where….

This may be difficult to believe, being that Jay and Beyonce appear to be the perfect power couple but in this game, with so much money and power involved things can appear to whatever the financer wants them to.. Not saying that this story is 100% true but there’s truth in even the biggest lie…


Mariah Carey LIVID Over Nicki Minaj Idol Role???

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This is TOTALLY false but the rumor mill is turning. Supposedly Mariah hung up on producers when called and advised of Nicki’s possible involvement in the show.. 

Mariah was reportedly advised that she would be the only female on the panel and has a huge issue with Nicki being the top choice for the second seat..


Mariah and Nicki are good friends, Nicki’s worked with Mariah in the past and is featured on Mariah’s new album. No issues, jealousy or animosity exist between these 2 women. Both know that Nicki won’t be getting a 17 million dollar check nor will the majority of the viewers be tuning to see her judge the popular talent show. This rumor is baseless and beneath Mariah Carey from every possible angle!

Toni Braxton May Join Mariah Carey On Idol!!

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OMG! Just got word of this, though nothing is official as of yet, totally a rumor but there could be something to it! It be awesome to see Mimi, Toni and Randy judging this coming season! There’s never been this much talent on the panel! I hope this is true, Mimi and Toni are old friends, they’d have us rolling!!

This one’s stil developing but we’ll keep you posted!

Brandon Hines “Yes You Are” Official Video!!!


Well…. This young has some definite potential but this song won’t be a hit… It’s just not strong enough… Despite that, I must say, Trey Songz has EXCELLENT taste, Mr Hines is very handsome, should do well if he works with the write ppl and can keep the gay rumors at bay… 

Drake Elbowed In The Face By Chris Brown???

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Drake is denying a story by DJ Whoo Kid that Chris Brown elbowed him in the face during an altercation.

DJ Whoo Kid told UK radio personality Tim Westwood last week that Drake caught an elbow to the face from R&B star Chris Brown.

Whoo Kid said he believed the fight was for  Drizzy being involved with Breezy’s ex, Rihanna.

However, in an interview with The Daily Beast, the Toronto-native said that incident never happened.

“I respect Chris Brown,” he said. “I’d like to call myself a friend—I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that,” but I definitely didn’t get elbowed in my face. Somebody would’ve got knocked the f*ck out.”

Source: HipHopWired

Lol………. Really Drake??? You probably woulda got knocked the f*** out! Chris is a crazy muhf*****, we all know that and we all saw you all extra proper at the Grammy Awards back in February with your mom talking like a Yale student….

I don’t think this happened, there’s no way it JUST NOW be leaking, no way in hell but we all know Chris still has his panties in a bunch over Rihanna..

Rihanna & J Cole Sex Tape Surfaces??

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Adult Entertainment Company, Hustler is claiming to be in possession of a Rihanna/JCole sex tape!!!

Rihanna and J have knocked down the rumors via Twitter but we’ll just have to see won’t we.. I need them to go ahead and go public with whatever is going on between them. J Cole’s career will change over night!!!