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Sherryl Blu & TrueClefMusic Present The Bulk Artist Feature!


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Welcome to week 3 for Series III! This week’s question is as follows:

“Describe the most unique experience you’ve ever had during a performance”

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c teezy week 3

C Teezy


Let me see.

It was 2006 and I went to this talent show for a record company that probably doesn’t exist anymore. I performed a medley of Water In My Cup and High as a Kite. I have to admit, being that it was, pretty much, my first ever performance, that I was extra-ridica-nervous. Even still, when I hit the stage, I had the whole place jumping as the kids would say. But speaking of kids, some kid ended up winning it due to some *cough*industrypolitics*cough* type of stuff.

Why do I say that?

The guy/kid who won went to my alma marta to do a show and got BOOED off of the stage.  Since then I knew that I was actually made for this… Unlike a lot of other industry creations.

majesty week 3


You all already know how it goes down at a Majesty concert! Event’s are always sold out and the crowd is always enthused. I love to captivate the audience with a unique flavoristic style of performance! I like to bring it back to the old days when singers were true stars and it looked like it. I do not want to sell the fan short. Now that my album is complete expect the full live experience. My growing fan base always compliments me on my amazing stage presences and ability to put on a sold show. I love it when all eyes are on me, it makes me feel a sense of controll and that is definitely going to aid me in the future and it will give me an extended platform to reach people on serious community issues! I am rehearsing for my albums promotional tour and dates will be coming soon! Be informed and search me on myspace.

zeta week 3


My most unique experience performing has got to be when I opened up for Big Daddy Kane and Mc Lyte. This was a huge honor for me to open up for the originators  of hip-hop. At the end of the night Big Daddy Kane invited us (my group mates) to his dressing room, he then asked us to rap for him straight freestyle right then and there. I was a little nervous by the whole situation and fumbled around my words. Then Kane went and evaluated each of us, told us our strengths and weaknesses…

He came to me and said “You are going to be something huge I can see it, you just have to be able to deliver your lines with more conviction and strength. If you don’t believe yourself, you won’t be able to make the audience believe you” Those words still till this day have stuck with me. After every song I record I listen to it and judge myself on my delivery. In hip-hop it’s not necessarily what you say but how you say it. So I learned a lot that day. Not only did I perform great and had my lines and rocked the crowd but I was able to learn something extremely valuable that I still use today. So big ups and respect to Big Daddy Kane for the experience.

david mensah 33 week

David Mensah

One of the first live shows that I remember was more of a spot at an open mic night. I had been going to a gospel singing class for a few years and with my new found confidence it was time to take it to the stage. All the time I was in my singing class I used to go down to this place called the Spot in Covent garden which was like an open mic night where all the best singers in town would go to show off. A lot of the singers were session singers who worked with the likes of Luther Vandross, Sting, Madona. So to say it was daunting would be an understatement. I rounded up my mates and headed down there after spending a week preparing the song. When I got there to my horror I saw Alexandra ONeal sat in the front row. My heart nearly stopped, I wanted to turn back and run but before I knew it one of my mates had gone and put my name down to sing. I was called up straight after Alexander ONeal. Some how I got through the song and I guess you could say I have never looked back since.


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