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Alicia Keys “New Day” New Single & 2012 Album!!!

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Alicia Keys makes her return with “New Day”, an upbeat, soulful, party track that sounds like the production work of husband, Swizz Beatz!

We love Alicia BUT we have mixed feelings about this track.. It’s fire, don’t get us wrong but the first 3 albums were lead but incredibly transparent, intimate, soulful ballads.. “Fallen”, “You Don’t Know My Name”, “No One”… This song is NOTHING like those pieces.. Again, we love it but it’s a little trendy, like she’s trying to reach her fans and ppl that never really f**** wit her before, the beginning of a cross over…. 

Albums due this year, late, probably between Halloween and Thanksgiving so we shoud get at least one more single and maybe a few leaks before album is officiall on shelves, hope the soulish r&b is still in tact..