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Beyonce Album This Year Afterall??

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beyonce DIVA 2013

The boss diva was photographed shooting a new video for a song called “XO”… We’re careful to suggest an album, especially after NeYo made explicit and direct comments regarding a push back to 2014, citing Beyonce had no idea what direction she was going or wanted to go with whats been recorded…. Furthermore, “Bow Down” and “Grown Woman” reportedly weren’t singles in support of any album………….. “XO” could be the same. You just never know wtf with Beyonce but it’s a small possibility that she isn’t going to let Gaga and Katy Perry make all the money this year.. We sincerely hope that album has been cooked rite and we get it before 2013 shuts it’s eyes!!


Beyonce Collaborates With Jay-Z On “The Magna Carta” Album!!

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beyonce 5

YES!!! We miss there duets from the early and mid 2000s, really enjoyed them on “Lift Off” with Kanye West. It’s been confirmed that they’ve recorded some tracks for Hov’s new album, “The Magna Carta Holy Grail” which means this track is going to surface in a matter of weeks!!! Rumor has it that it’s a sequel to 2002’s “Bonnie & Clyde”, perhaps our favorite Hov & Bey collabo to date!

The album will be available July 4th to Samsung Galaxy users and on July 9th for every else! The Magna Carta will also feature contributions from Swizz Beatz, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Timbaland, Kanye West & more!!

HOV holy grail

Beyonce Album Update!!

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B King

Beyonce began work on her 5th studio album last summer at the Carter house in The Hampton’s… Ne-Yo, The Dream, Miguel and a few others all spent a week there, writing and producing new material for Bey! Since she’s had a her hands full with H&M & Pepsi endorsements, touring, all on top of recording this album!

Ne-Yo was recently interviewed by Billboard and had the following to say of Beyonce’s as yet to be titled project:

“I’m still putting stuff together for Beyonce’s album,” he said. “They’re still trying to figure out what they want that to be, which I’m not mad at. Beyonce’s the kind of artist where you’re not gonna see it till it’s right. And her fans — they love her so they’ll be patient.”

The album is thought to be pushed back to 2014 but that hasn’t been confirmed!

Ne-Yo is also expected to make contributions to Jay’Z “The Magna Carta Holy Grail” album..

Beyonce “Grown Woman” Official New Single???

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grown woman single

Bey nor Sony BMG have made no official statement about Beyonce’s new single but that didn’t stop Billboard and a few other major news sources for reporting it as such.. If the song takes off, she and the label will stand by it but if it’s falls on it’s ass at radio then we may not even get a video..

As previously reported, Beyonce’s album is thought to be pushed back to 2014 but a single now raises questions and eyebrows. That on top of the pregnancy talk, if it’s true, if it’s false, if it’s a publicity stunt, who knows. What we do know is that we’d like to see some confidence from Beyonce’s promo campaign, some organization… This is all over the place!

As far as the song itself.. It’s okay but if it leads the new albums promo efforts, that would make it the weakest opening single from her yet….

Beyonce Pushing Album Back To 2014!!

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beyonce more 2

The diva is talking about everything but new music rite now, just wants you to drink Pepsi and shop at H&M lol! She’s on her sold out world tour, signing endorsement deals and taking care of her baby girl..

Word has it that the label is furious about the reactions to “Bow Down” and “Grown Woman”, pulling the plug of the lather after it was widely reported that it would be available via iTunes about a month ago!

Everything from Bey and the label not being able to see eye to eye on new music and concepts, a management change and even another baby reports have found there way online. Maybe regrouping, kind of going back to the drawing board is best. We want to hear new music but we want it to be rite and she should take as much time as she needs to ensure that… No rush Bey 😉

Rumors aside, Beyonce, RocNation nor Sony BMG have made any official statement about her new music or when it will be released to the public!

Beyonce & Andre 3K “Back To Black” Full Song!!

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beyonce best I never had

It’s cool but they shoulda just gave Bey the whole song, her voice is beautiful over the production but Andre’s sh** sounds forced… Good record, great for the movie! Don’t be surprised if the duo picks up a Grammy or even an Oscar for this!

Beyonce Releases Official “Mrs Carter Show” Promo Video!!

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mrs carter show promo

YESSSSSSSS!!!! Mad we slept on the tour, sold out now but it’s all good. We always preferred to get the tour dvd.. Beyonce is killing her European tour leg,started just about a week ago and she touches down in the states Jaune 28th!! U ready??