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Beyonce Pregnancy Publicity Stunt??

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jay denies

Last week it was widely reported by major news outlets that Beyonce was in fact expecting her 2nd child and that information was confirmed but now we’re hearing otherwise and seeing reports from other news sources suggesting this isn’t true at all. Other sources even claim to have an official statement from Sean Carter himself… What do we make of this?

1. If Sean Jay-Z Carter makes a statement regarding the reports and headlines of major news outlets like The New York Post and Fox News, he’s going to do it professionally, either through his management team/publicist or an all out PRESS CONFERENCE!

2. The fact that those major, trusted, time proven news sources reported this with so much confidence and stamped “CONFIRMED” on the story means someone spoke to someone that constitutes the horse’s mouth, a publicist being the more probable answer…

The story came from Beyonce’s ppl.. If it’s not true then this was a ploy for her to regain the attention of the public.. A good old fashion PUBLICITY STUNT! We’re still waiting for an official statement from Beyonce’s team or for retractions to surface via the original reports..



It’s Official, Beyonce & Hov Pregnant With Baby #2!!

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bey pregant again

Yea, we’re happy and excited about another baby but we can’t go without acknowledging that this is officially the end of her prime.. She’s hinted at new music all year, really since November 2012 and this only confirms our previous reports about her pushing this album back to 2014….an album that can and will make or break her….

We’re disappointed in her, immensely but it’s her life, her career…

Beyonce Under Fire For Photography Ban, Cancelled Belgium Show & Pregnancy Rumors!!

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beyonce 2013 superbowl 2

We haven’t approved of much of Beyonce’s business decisions in the last 3 years. It’s like she thinks of what her father would do in a given scenario and does the opposite. It’s unnerving! HipHopWired reports the following of her cancelled dates, photography ban and possible pregnancy:

Everyone remembers the fiasco involving Buzzfeed’s Beyoncé photos at the Super Bowl this year, ultimately launching a ban on all performance photos from the singer’s camp. Well, the media is striking back, explaining that this boycott could do more harm than good for the superstar Mrs. Carter.Poynter reports that the National Press Photographers Association penned a letter to Beyoncé’s publicity firm Schure Media Group. The letter, written by the NPPA’s attorney Mickey H. Osterreicher, urged the PR firm to reconsider this drastic measure, stating that “removing the ban will help, not harm, [Beyoncé’s] image in the long run.” Organizations like the Associated Press Media Editors Association, the Radio Television Digital News Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the American Society of Media Photographers were all represented in the letter.

Poynter notes that during this time, media outlets are being forced to use older action shots of Bey on stage – the very flicks that she and her team were horrified by previously. It’s a Catch-22 whether not allowing any new photography will mean poorly angled photos.

Plus, nothing is more unattractive than a shaky iPhone picture taken at a 45-degree angle. Time to reconsider this mess, King Bey.

Also, the R&B and Pop diva recently cancelled a Belgium show under orders from her doctor, which will surely only lead to more Beyoncé is pregnant chatter.

2011 MTV Award Performances!!!

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So Beyonce’s pregnant, Gaga’s a dude and Bruno disgraces the spirit of Amy Winehouse… That’s pretty much the story of the 2011 MTV VMAs…


Beyonce Finally Gett’n Ready to Sit Down & Have Some Babies???

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beyonce and jay- baby

Queen B may be ready to take Ms Keri’s advice!

In a recent interview Jay-Z spoke about “making babies” being high in the couples priority list. She’s finally got the time. The tour is pretty much over and new movies on her plate so maybe she’ll sit down somewhere and punch out a few??? Only time will tell!

Jay-Z Comments on Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors: “Hell Naw, we got bills to pay!!!!”

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jay and b prego

Rapper JAY-Z has played down rumours he and wife BEYONCE KNOWLES are ready to start a family, insisting children have no place in their plans for the immediate future.
The superstars, who were this week (begs08Jun09) voted the first couple of African-American entertainment by Giant magazine, celebrated their first wedding anniversary in April (04Apr09), and gossips are already speculating about when Beyonce will fall pregnant. 
But the Big Pimpin’ hitmaker has brushed off the baby talk – insisting they will continue to build up their fortunes by touring and recording music for another few years before turning their attentions to family life. 
He says, “We got to keep it moving. Got bills to pay.” 
Jay-Z is currently touring the U.S. in preparation for the September (09) release of his new album The Blueprint 3, while Beyonce has just wrapped the European leg of her I Am… worldwide tour and will kick off the U.S. jaunt on 21 June (09).


When these two do decide to start a family we gon have some real funny looking, talented, artistic mofos runnin around LOL…

Rumors that B was pregnant around the time her album came out were everywhere  back in late 08 but then she was seen sipping champagne with fellow diva Mariah Carey at a new years event in St. Barths, which killed all speculation…