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The 3 Most Overrated Artist In Urban Music!!

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lil wayne how to love

Lil Wayne is still chasing the runaway success of his 2008, slightly cross over album, “The Carter III” and for the most part he’s been keeping the pace, collaborating with just about everyone, signing some of the most popular artist in modern music and shifting another 1 million copies of “The Carter IV”…

We love Weezy but he’s unquestionably not what he was in 2008, his popularity has dwindled, his revenue doesn’t have the same potential and he’s not what he was lyrically or commercially even though he is the most recognizable face in hiphop…

His fans gas em up, proclaim he’s the greatest rapper of all time, the greatest rapper alive and his material simply no longer supports that….. We just don’t see his crown anymore…

beyonce 122

Beyonce, Mrs Carter had the industry on it’s knees with her first 3 albums but a series of management changes, image revisions and label politics have severely handicapped her though she STILL proclaims herself Queen, bow down b****, even in light of serious and often overwhelming competition from Rihanna and others..

Few artist had a 2008 like Beyonce! Wayne, Taylor Swift and a few other artist were huge that year but the video for “Single Ladies” broke ground and Beyonce broke the bank, taking in more revenue then any other female in entertainment, topping forbes and redefining her boundaries, redefining where predominantly urban artist can go with there music given the proper tools…

Matthew Knowles and her husband Jay-Z were instrumental in fashioning her crown but bad business, sh**** A&R work and corner cutting have rendered her unworthy… Why is an artist with hundreds of millions of dollars at her disposal stealing concepts and making music videos in dance studios???

Beyonce’s last album shifted less then half the units of the album is succeeded. She had no major hit singles, even though she experienced monster success on the r&b charts. She crossed over in 2008 only to alienated the fans that effort awarded her in 2011.. “4” is arguably her best album but the lack of radio friendly tracks on the project and horrible a&r work threw the public and a few fans for a loop. As a result, it’s her slowest and lowest seller to date..

Despite these pit falls, Beyonce and her fan base continue to support this notion of royalty, of matchlessness even though the numbers haven’t supported that in nearly 6 years.. #overrated

kanye west runaway vid

Mr West is a genius but the loss of his mother, public scrutiny and extreme narcism have changed him, his sound and his music as a whole..

Things begin to really shift once his mother died. “808s & Heartbreak” was a cinematic science project, crazy production, morbid, depressing lyrics and just totally different from the Lauryn Hill esque, hip hop soul we’d grown to love him for…

His most recent album is art but it’s not marketable, it’s not radio friendly, it’s going to be his slowest and lowest seller but he’s proclaimed himself the greatest, compared himself to Michael Jackson and even Steve Jobs in interviews and in the press… He’s doing way too much for his music to have declined so greatly in the last 6 years…

Notice that the greatest successes of these 3 artist was in 2008… All three are amazing but all three are capable of miles more then what they’ve been pushing on there fans lately… They need to step it up or stop talking sh**…


The 4 Most influential Women In UrBan Music!

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Beyonce, the “Queen” the brilliant, un-matched performer. Her voice, her stage presence and her beauty are know the world over but not all of us are stans. I for one see the cracks, the flaws that every artist has.. They aren’t huge but she could really have a problem if her next studio effort doesn’t at least match 2008’s “I Am”. She’s going to face creative battles with her label and her management team, both trying to ensure her future.

Shortly before her last album album dropped, she terminated her long time manager and father, Matthew Knowles. I and most of the music world were horrified, with good reason. Consequently a genius, masterpiece of an album was squandered and almost went unheard by the public but to be perfectly honest, she couldn’t have recorded a better album last year. “4” is a triumph but this game is full of artist that make great music and don’t know how to market it.

Despite all this, she’s is unquestionably one of the most recognizable faces/voices in urban music! Good luck on the new album B!

Nicki, oh Nicki! She’s so much more then r&b/hiphop, blurring the lines between those genres and pop music,  Nicki is a commercial force, touring with Britney Spears and adding Madonna to her list of collaborators. It doesn’t get anymore official then the Harajuku Barbie, who seems to have everyone who matters stamp of approval!

“Pink Friday” was one of the biggest successes of 2011, shifting millions of copies and producing just as many top 20 singles as the next girl. She’s gone way beyond any other female rapper, charting with the best, Rihanna, Katy, Britney!

Nicki is no doubt one of the biggest females in urban music, perhaps it’s most colorful character! With a new album coming in March, will get to see what she’s really made of. If “Stupid Hoe” is any indication of what’s to come, the fans should be elated!

Mariah Carey, Billboard’s reigning Queen. She’s been doing this for more then 20 years and at 41, she’s the most seasoned diva on the list. She founded r&B/hiphop in 1997 with “Honey” and her “Butterfly” album, a genre that so many artist, not just the other women on this list have relished in!

Mariah’s new album is coming this year and I can only hope it’s as triumphant and groundbreaking as 2009’s “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”,  arguably her best studio effort via Def Jam. Unfortunately Mimi’s has begun to relic, not by her own design though.

The suites pulling the strings and making the decisions totally stifled “Memoirs” which would have been just as big or bigger then 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi” had some smarter, more obvious choices been made. The album is crammed with r&b DIAMONDS, some of the best recordings of Mariah’s career thus far but aside from “Obsessed”, the material was never really heard..

This new album is either going to return her to absolute prominence of further relic one of the most prolific, popular and successful divas to ever enter the studio. Good luck Mimi!

The diva no one saw coming! Rihanna is a beast, the product of careful planning and a nearly PERFECT team, an EXCELLENT team!

Jay-Z’ brainchild & Def Jam’s most prized possession is breaking records at radio and Billboard set by artist like Madonna, Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, carving her name on the walls of music history along side those that came before her. 

In just 7 years she’s earned 11 number one singles and ascended to a plateau that only one other women on this list is capable. Rihanna’s recorded an album every year since her debut and her work ethic has paid of, ultimately making her the most prolific and popular artist featured in this article. 

Beyonce 2012 Album Details!!!

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Beyonce is reportedly scheduled to return to the studio this spring to begin recording her 5th studio album which will be a follow up to 2011’s “4”, an epic but ill=promoted masterpiece that went nearly un-noticed by the game entirely..

Beyonce and RocNation are anxious to prove she can stand on her own two feet without her father, former manager Matthew Knowles, more importantly, the label and her fans need to see this..

B will also face a creative battle with Sony this year given the slow sales of her 4th studio effort. Some execs didn’t approve of her switch from adult contemporary pop back to her r&b roots. The sales differentials between “I Am” and “4” are strong enough for the label to force her to cut back on harder productions and hiphop elements on this project. “I Am” crossed her over and the big wigs want to see the money 2008 through 2010 brought. That said, who knows what this album is going to sound and look like, who knows who she’s going to work with.

One thing is sure, it needs to be a hit that matches the commercial successes of “I Am”. B hasn’t had a hit single in almost 4 years and industry analysis, myself included are starting to question the bases of this crown we gave her.. Other artist have achieved so much more in the past 2 years, namely, colleague and management label mate, Rihanna.

Rihanna has managed to outgun Beyonce with less talent, vocal prowess, respect and capital. She’s riding her 11th #1 single as I post this. “We Found Love” charts it’s 10th week at Billboard’s pinnacle and her “Talk That Talk” album reached platinum status in just 3 weeks. Please believe the label is presenting her with all these facts..

As of right now the album will likely see a October or November release, meaning we should hear new music in August or early September. The pressures never been on like this, good luck B!


Beyonce Debuts At #20, Rihanna Chillan At #11 and Nicki Re-Enters At #64!!!

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These are the most powerful women in urban music right now!

This is Beyonce’s best debut from “4”, the triumphant but ill-promoted follow up to 2008’s “I Am Sasha Fierce”. B performed the track a few weeks ago at the VMAs and I personally haven’t been able to get the sh** out of my head since… It’s one of my least favorite tracks on the album but a testament to her abilities as a singer and just a small piece of the vocal cocaine that is “4”, COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Nicki & Rihanna team up for “Pink Friday’s” latest single, which re-entered the chart at #64 last week! It’s one of my favorite songs off the album and I love the video! I’m sure this song, given the Rihanna feature will see Billboard’s top 10 and maybe even the pinnacle!

“Loud” latest single, “Cheers” sits happy at #11 and will likely enter the top 10 this week! I didn’t like this song at all but the video has changed the way I hear it. Rihanna may score her 4th chart topper from the 4x platinum “Loud”!!!

All 3 of these ladies WENT IN on there respective projects, great albums in there one regards. I’m very proud of them!

Beyonce “1+1” Official Video!!!

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I love it!!!! It kinds gives me long Loreal commercial but she’s gorgeous and the song is finally growing on me… This video should have dropped months ago! 

The album is platinum but the singles aren’t doing sh** on the charts! She needs MattK!

Beyonce Claims “4” Wasn’t About Singles, Talks New Film Roles!!!

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King B recently released her fourth studio album, 4, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart but its first week sales were her lowest to date. The set’s singles “Run the World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had” also has not performed like previous releases from the 29-year-old superstar but fare not; Beyonce is happy with the results. 

Beyonce is adamant about the “body of work” she wanted to accomplish, noting this album wasn’t about chart toppers. 

“This album was a labor of love. It was not about singles,” she told Reuters. “I felt like the emotion and live instruments and just soul (were) missing out of the music industry, especially the popular music that’s out. I wanted to bring it back to the music I grew up listening to. It’s like a mixture of the ’90s and the ’70s and rock-n-roll.” 

This new take-charge approach will become prominent to Beyonce fans as she transitions into taking full control of her career. 

“It just feels like no one else can tell me how I am supposed to perform, and I think it’s what separates the Michaels and the Madonnas from the artists that are great but are just not quite the Michaels and the Madonnas,” Beyonce said. 

The 16-time Grammy winner is also gearing up for her lead role in Clint Eastwood’s remake of the film, “A Star Is Born,” calling it the “biggest opportunity” of her career. 

“I met with Clint and I was so nervous and I know that it is the biggest opportunity of my life. I will work as hard as I can,” she said. “Because I can’t wait. And I am so happy that he trusts me and I am in good hands and I am so fortunate.” 

Source: SingersRoom

BULLLLLLLLLLLLLSH**************!!!! The album, despite it’s brilliance, is gonna flop just like the singles!!! No artist makes an album and releases singles without the hope of success.. Come on B……………

Leona Lewis “Collide” New Single!!

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Under normal circumstances I’d make comment like, “Leona, 1990s Mariah Carey is NOT a genre of music” or ” Leona, put that sh** back in the trash where Mimi left it” but this time the lyrics and the concept of her new single sound more like something off Beyonce’s “I Am Sasha Fierce”. Strangely familiar in sound to the whole album and remarkably worded JUST LIKE “Smash Into You”.. I guess she owes B one for stealing “Halo” out from under her and J Records.. I

I don’t know how I feel about the song but it’ll likely catch on at AC radio..

Peep Leona’s new single below: