Drake Debuts At #1, Second Biggest Debut Of The Year!!!

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YES! Drake’s brilliant but slightly less brilliant then “Take Care” new album debuts at #1 with 658,000 units sold!

Justin Timberlake released “The 20/20 Experience” earlier this year and shifted nearly a million copies..





Drake is back on top. The Toronto MC not only has the No. 1 album in the country, he also has the second-largest sales week of the year with Nothing Was the Same.


The third album from the 26-year-old debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200chart with 658,000 copies sold in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The only album to sell more copies in a week this year was Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience, which opened with 968,000 in March.

Nothing Was the Same also marks Drake’s best week ever. His sophomorealbum, 2011’s Take Care, launched at No. 1 with 631,000, while his 2010 debut Thank Me Later posted first-week sales of 447,000.


Drake Announces 3rd Album “Nothing Was The Same” & Premieres New Video!!

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drake new album

YESS!!! Drake’s 2011 album, “Take Care” is art, brilliant and we’re hoping her can do it a third time!

The new album is called “Nothing Was The Same” and is being led by the single “Started From The Bottom”. Peep the video below.

No official word on when we can expect the album but Drake is hard at work. The project could be on shelves by Fall! #YMCMB

Drake Premieres “HYFR” Ft Lil Wayne Official Video!!!

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Leave it toDrake to drop not one, but two videos in one night. After just premiering “Take Care’s” visual a couple of hours ago, here is the video for  “HYFR.” While “Take Care’s” video had an artsy vibe, “HYFR” kicks off with footage of Drizzy as a kid—sporting a mean Jew-fro—and a note that mentions that on October 24, 20011 “Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham chose to get re-bar mitzvah’d as a re-commitment to the Jewish religion.”

The video is supposed to be this alleged “re-barmitvah.” All good, but seeing Baby and DJ Khaled listening intently while seated in a synagogue is inadvertent comedy.

Source: HipHopWired


Drake is looking good for Artist of 2012 thus far, n**** is EVERYWHERE, killing the charts and radio, shows no signs of letting up!

Drake “The Motto” Official Video Ft Lil Wayne & Tyga!!!

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I love the song and the video is straight too, like the vibe! Drake is the biggest hiphop artist on the planet right now, he, Nicki & Wayne are killing the game!! #YMCMB

Drake Debuts At #1, Adele Makes Billboard History Yet Again!!!

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“Take” is Drake’s second chart-topper, following 2010’s “Thank Me Later,” which launched with 447,000. 

It’s unlikely Drake will hold on to the top slot next week, as early forecasts from sources suggest Nickelback‘s new “Here and Now” (released Nov. 21) may open at No. 1. 

As for the rest of this week’s top 10, Michael Buble‘s “Christmas” holds at No. 2 with a big 35% sales gain, selling 165,000. It’s a contender for the No. 1 position the week after next, with an outside shot at topping the tally next week. 

Adele‘s “21” rises 5-3 (113,000; up 8%), marking its 39th straight week in the top five of the chart — its entire chart run since it debuted at No. 1. In turn, it sets a record for the most weeks an album has stayed in the top five, since its debut, in the chart’s 55-year history. It surpasses Michael Jackson‘s “Bad,” which racked 38 straight frames in the top five following its bow at No. 1 on Sept. 27, 1987. 

Source: Billboard

I love “Take Care”, the best hiphop presentation I’ve heard since Kanye’s last album, that’s a tremendous accomplishment. Peep the official TrueClefMusic review for more on the album! I’m VERY proud of him, second biggest debut of the year, F*** Gaga and “Born This Way”, that b**** DID NOT legitimately shift all those units, the amazon 39 or 99 cent discount take more away from what is already an extremely weak follow up to 2008’s “The Fame”..

Adele breaks yet another record, this time one of MJ’s! 39 weeks in the top 5 is astounding, I’m happy for her and even happier that an artist that makes real music is having such success in todays superficial market place. Congrats boo!

Drake “Take Care” Full Album Review!!!

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Beautiful, surprising, refreshing and brilliant, not quit the mixtape that got him signed but it’s from the same place..

This album is a breath of fresh air, the best I’ve heard from him on his own in years!

Highlighted Tracks:

1. The Crew FT The Weekend

2. We’ll Be Fine FT Birdman

3. Make Me Proud FT Nicki Minaj

4. Over My Dead Body

5. Marvin’s Room

Those are the best tracks on the album, the ones I can’t stop spinning but “We’ll Be Fine” is my absolute favorite, one of his best ever!

He’s almost matchless on the pens but his honesty is unparalleled.. He holds nothing back in his writing, really speaking his whole heart, that paired with seamless production and asst from some of the industries brightest (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, BirdMan, The Weekend) all make this album one of the best I’ve ever reviewed. 

I doubted him, was really disappointed, underwhelmed with “Thank Me Later” but this is Drake, stripped, transparent, sincere…

TrueClefMusic Score Card:

Production: 5

Writing: 5

Vocals: 4

Listenability: 5

TrueClefMusic Rating 4.75

Cop his sh** immediately, Drizzy really went in this time!!!

Drake Elbowed In The Face By Chris Brown???

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Drake is denying a story by DJ Whoo Kid that Chris Brown elbowed him in the face during an altercation.

DJ Whoo Kid told UK radio personality Tim Westwood last week that Drake caught an elbow to the face from R&B star Chris Brown.

Whoo Kid said he believed the fight was for  Drizzy being involved with Breezy’s ex, Rihanna.

However, in an interview with The Daily Beast, the Toronto-native said that incident never happened.

“I respect Chris Brown,” he said. “I’d like to call myself a friend—I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that,” but I definitely didn’t get elbowed in my face. Somebody would’ve got knocked the f*ck out.”

Source: HipHopWired

Lol………. Really Drake??? You probably woulda got knocked the f*** out! Chris is a crazy muhf*****, we all know that and we all saw you all extra proper at the Grammy Awards back in February with your mom talking like a Yale student….

I don’t think this happened, there’s no way it JUST NOW be leaking, no way in hell but we all know Chris still has his panties in a bunch over Rihanna..