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Jay-Z & Kanye West “Watch The Throne” Coming Soon!!!

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FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for word on this album since “H.A.M” hit radio and tanked last fall…

This album theoretically should be BRILLIANT but “H.A.M.” left much to be desired! Hopefully, Ye, Swizz, and Jay can come up with some productions and some bars that match or better those found on 2010’s “Dark Twisted Fantasy” and 2009’s “The BluePrint III”!



Rihanna Shuts Las Vegas Down For New Years!!!

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Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rihanna… Where’s Beyonce??? Hmmmmmm…. y’all know we messy lol!

Jay-Z Reveals Greatest Hits Album Cover!!!

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The album is due this November and will include all of Jigga’s greatest hits and collaborations!

Jay-Z New Album Due November!

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After numerous delays, it seems Jay-Z‘s “The Hits Collection — Volume 1” will finally be released in November. The latest Universal Music Group release book has the compilation album scheduled for Nov. 23, just a day after Kanye West‘s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” set hits stores.

The album will apparently be available as a regular CD and on vinyl, as well as a Deluxe Edition Package and a Collector’s Edition Box set.

The Deluxe will be a two-disc set that will include five never-released tracks and a 32-page mini book debossed with Jay-Z’s signature “diamond.” The Collector’s Edition will come in a hardcover box containing two-disc set with five never-released songs and a 100-page coffee table book filled with never-before-seen photographs of Jay-Z and friends.

While the UMGD release book has the project listed for Nov. 23, a rep at the label hasn’t returned our calls to confirm the date at press time.

Source: Billboard

Not quite what you thought huh. A completely new Jay-Z album probably won’t come until mid 2011 or later. “The BluePrint 3” is EPIC, one of the best hiphop sets I’ve heard in a very long time, love Jay’Z!

Jay-Z Memoirs of An Imperfect Mogul, “Decoded”!!!

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Jay-Z will be releasing his first book entitled Decoded on November 16th. According to Rolling Stone Decoded mixes first-person memoirs with detailed discussions of his most famous and provocative lyrics.

Jigga collaborated with former The Source Magazine editor Dream Hampton on the script which includes interviews with Jay, his family and friends.

The 336 page book will discuss Jay-Z’s  early life in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects, his stint as a drug dealer as well as his Hip-Hop success.

Decoded will also include illustrations and detailed explanations of many of his lyrics.

“It’s too much. For the book, I was interviewed, people close to me were interviewed. So I was learning a lot of things I didn’t know as a child,” Jay told Rolling Stone in the June issue. “It’s not anything i haven’t said in the past, in songs. It’s just more detailed. A song is three minutes long. A book doesn’t have to rhyme, and it has no time limit, so you can say exactly how everything went.”

Jay was also scheduled to release another book in 2003 around the time he dropped The Black Album. The Black Book Jay pulled the plug on because it allegedly contained a lot of personal things he wasn’t ready to release to the world.

Source: HipHopWired

The Black Eyed Peas & Jay-Z Score HUGE Tour Numbers!!!

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Jay-Z and The Black Eyed Peas have been raking in the dough this year as they placed among the top grossing tours list in the world.

According to Pollstar’s Mid year Analysis,  Jay and B.E.P. were the only Hip-Hop acts to make the list.

Will.i.Am and crew  came in 6th on the list coming just shy of $30 million so far this year while Jigga placed 12th with $22.5 million earned so far.

Rock star Bon Jovi  currently sits at #1 on the list as he made over $52 million over the first half of the year.

Source: HipHopWired

The money is really in touring these days. The people aren’t buying music like they used to but you can’t download or bootleg and stage show!

The Black Eyed Peas are some of the most popular artist of the day, having each and every single from there most recent album, “The E.N.D” see Billboard Top 10 status. I really hope the next single is “Ring-A-Ling”!!!

Jay-Z has proved to be more than a rival for the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne and signee Kanye West. His tour number are MUCHO impressive and “The Blueprint 3” was one of the best selling albums of 2009! His next single needs to be “Real As It Gets” or “So Ambitious”. He delivered a great album!

The Real Reason Why Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna & Gaga Skipped The BET Awards!!!

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I got a message from an insider this afternoon with some possible reasons why the industry elite decided to chill at  home and watch gun smoke last Sunday instead of doing the BET Awards…

Before I reveal the contents of that message, let me propose my own theory on the matter:

I personally believe that Chris Brown’s tribute to Michael Jackson is why all four of these A Listers missed the show. Ppl point to the court order preventing Rihanna and Chris from being within a certain distance of eachother but that order has long been lifted. It’s been more then a year since the incident! Here’s what the deal is. Chris Brown use to be a chosen artist, hand picked by a machine, by a secret society that governs the business. A year ago he decided that the terms of his agreement with this organization were far too much to pay. As a result the incident with Rihanna ensued, he was cast out, stripped of much of what he was given and blackballed by about 95% of the mass media.

This circle of chosen artist include Beyonce, Jay-Z, Gaga, Kanye West and Gaga. West made the show to promote his new album but dawned a GINORMOUS golden idol around his neck, the Egyptian deity Horus, a key element and symbol of modern day devil worship. West only agreed to perform if he could open the ceremony…

Bottom line; this super power that works behind the scenes to control most everything didn’t get it’s way Sunday night. They didn’t want Chris to perform on that platform (his biggest appearance since the incident with Rihanna). They wanted BET to blackball him like everyone else has been but they opted to do there own thing, as a result that governing agency pulled it’s artist from the show… Both Jay-Z and Rihanna should have been performing that night. “RudeBoy” and “On To The Next” should have been on the list. Now you know why…

The email I got explained that the Carters simply didn’t want to be bombarded with questions about Kanye and the whole Taylor Swift thing but the black media couldn’t care less about that lil girl. That just doesn’t add up!