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Kelly Rowland “Lay It On Me” Official Video FT Big Sean!!!


This is one of the weakest songs on her thundering comeback album, “Here I Am”! I didn’t care for it at all when it hit the air waves a few months ago but the video made me like it a lil more. I might jig a lil bit next time I hear it lol!

Both Kelly and Big Sean have excellent presentations on the shelves right now. Be sure to cop “Here I Am” and “Finally Famous” IMMEDIATELY!


Kelly Rowland & Big Sean Shoot “Lay It On Me” Video!!!

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This song has no business being the 2nd single of this album.. “Here I Am” is magic, easily standing up to recent releases from Monica and Keri Hilson.. “I’m That Chick” should have been the very next thing we heard…

Nevertheless, the video has been shot and looks good! I’m not on the edge of my seat waiting for the premiere or anything though..

Kelly has recently signed on to open Chris Brown’s “F.A.M.E” Tour and I’ve been hearing rumors about a little hanky panky going on between those two, also a few whispers about she and Sean… Only time will tell…

Pictures courtesy of my friends at RapUp!

Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am” Debuts At #3!!!

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It’s her first top 3 album but I was really hoping for a #1 debut, both Keri Hilson and Keyshia Cole did 100k each..

The album shifted about 80k, congratulations Ms Kelly!

Kelly Rowland Covers Vibe Magazine!!

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Kelly Rowland To Tour With Chris Brown!!!

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YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Buzz Buzz buzz!!!

The tour is still in the planning stages but Kelly has been confirmed for the job! She and Chris are going to hit the road for a full blow U.S tour to promote the smash comeback albums “F.A.M.E” and “Here I Am”, which hits shelves this Tuesday! I’m soooooo excited for her, she’s FINALLY HERE!!!

TrueClefMusic 2011 New Album ForeCast!!!

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YES! It’s been a GREAT year in music thus far! Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Adele and others have released groundbreaking projects definitive of there respective genres but there’s soooooo much more to come. Peep our official 2011 New Album Forecast below!!

Lil Wayne follows up 2008’s “The Carter” with the 4th installation, which will feature production from Bangladesh, Swizz Beatz and others. Also expect Nicki, Drake and other Young Money camp to make cameos throughout the playlist. 

The albums been pushed back 2 or 3 times but is currently slated for a August 29th debut! Singles “6’7” and “John” made moves at urban radio but new single “How To Love” is a Billboard top 10 and will ensure a great first week sales stat for the all new Carter! This is perhaps the most highly anticipated album this year..

Mariah released her last album in 2009 and it was arguably her best via Def Jam. The album failed to garner the usually amazing Mimi sales stats but production wise, lyrically and vocally it’s a jewel, the best r&b presentation from any since 2005’s “The Emancipation of Mimi”..

This new, as yet to be titled album will be her last as a Def Jam artist. She will follow L.A Reid home to Sony music, which is now Tommy-less.. The success of this 2011 album will determine the amount of Mariah’s contract with Sony so expect her to go in! She could release “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel” again and be the baddest b**** in music but it’ll take more then good music to stay relevant. “Memoirs” failed because of bad planning and sh***** a&r work, she can afford neither on this final Def Jam effort..

Expect Mimi’s new single to leak between Halloween and ThanksGiving, she’s got some baby weight to lose and some songs to right. I’m thinking the album will be on shelves just in time for Christmas!

Awwww yes Trey Songz…. I like this young mans music, some of it but it’s hard to respect a virtually new artist that can’t sing live… I like most of the singles but every time he touches a stage, ANYONE’S stage he embarrasses himself, it’s awful!!

What I can respect is his work ethic. He’s released 2 albums pretty much back to back in the past 2 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Despite the work ethic, Trey’s yet to go platinum, a fact that’s gotta be bothering Atlantic and eating him up! As popular and as everywhere as he is I’d expect him to be at least 3 to 4 million units sold but neither “Ready” of “Passion Pain & Pleasure” has shifted in excess of a million copies…

On this new album, which is yet to be titled, expect Trey to crossover, to appeal to the commercial market.. That’s the only way to increase sales.. The album should be ready and on shelves before New Years..

Her last album is a complete and total TRIUMPH, not just for her but for producer Timbaland, who was at the helm of the albums construction. “Loose” was crammed with hiphop/pop hits like “Maneater”, “Say It Right” and “Promiscuous Girl”!! I’m hoping they can come close to what will likely be her “Thriller” album, an album she’ll spend the rest of her career chasing.. It’s been a few years, the fans and the game are ready to hear what they’ve been working on!! 

The album is titled “LifeStyle” and could be on iTunes by mid Fall 2011!

Monica first single “Anything To Find You” hit radio about a week ago and features Lil Kim, Missy and Rick Ross, it’s FIRE!! The new album is called “New Life” and will follow up 2010’s “Still Standing”, one of the best r&b presentations in recent memory. 

We should have a video for “Anything” in a couple weeks and the album itself is due this October!! Missy is the chief producer on the project, should be EVERYTHING!!

The album is coming this Fall but no music has leaked yet and I’m not sure who she’s been in the studio with… She needs to capture the magic of “One Thing” a DarkChild production, I need her to do more then what she’s been doing these past couple years. She’s o much better then the material she’s been putting and would have been more successful in better hands. This will be her second Def Jam album and I need it to KNOCK!! If it tanks then she faces the possibility of being dropped… GoodLuck Am!

Ms Kelly is on a roll!!! The success of the Lil Wayne assisted “Motivation” and a FIRE performance at the 2011 BET Awards has the game ready for “Here I Am”, Kelly’s 3rd album!!

Her first album was a success all those years ago but it’s been a challenge ever since to stay relevant and stay in the game. She’s been dropped, doubted and written off but now all eyes are on her and most are feel’n Ms Kelly!

The album is due July 26th but most of the material has leaked. The feedback is positive, she’s going to have a great year and I’m sooooo proud of her!!!

Yes!!! I love his work, love his writing, love the productions he chooses! Justin Timberlake is a jewel!! The state of male r&b is bleak, with no singing a** n**** like Trey Songz dominating urban radio the game needs change!

Justin’s first and second albums are monumental testaments to r&b. He writes, he produces and is one of Timbaland’s greatest credits, a true artist born out of his influences! 

I expect this 3rd album to follow suit and be every bit the r&b beast his past work has been. He’s been out of the game since 06, making movies, modeling and building an empire, hope my mans still got it!!

YES!!! I’m so ready for some new Missy, “The CookBook” was one of my favorite rap albums! 

Missy’s back in the studio with Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, creating what is expected to be her best album to date!! Of all of the forecast this and Mariah’s have me the anxious!!

The album is expected to arrive around Thanksgiving and should hear a single by late September or early October!



The Comeback Kids: Chris Brown, J-Lo & Kelly Rowand!!!


Yes indeed! A year ago no one would have seen or guessed these 3 be where they are now.

Chris Brown has successful return to the upper hierarchy of popular music, seemingly more talented and dominant then ever.

Kelly Rowland has finally escaped Beyonce’s shadowed, has a monster hit with “Motivation” and is releasing her 3rd studio album is about a month!

Jennifer Lopez returns with “On The Floor” and the “Love” album, two hits, the single earning her the biggest J-Lo chart stats in almost a decade. She’s gorgeous, fearless and back!

Though this artist have overcome great obstacles to arrive at there present state, none but Chris Brown are out of the woods yet. Chris has chart 3 to 4 r&b hits from his comeback effort “F.A.M.E” and is about to embark on a U.S tour but Kelly’s new album is still in the works and Jennifer’s comeback wasn’t as well recieved, despite the singles success…

Kelly Rowland is going to have to give us another r&b track we can’t stop singing to ourselves for the transition to come full circle while J-Lo is going to have to pull 2 or 4 rabbits outta her a** to make the ppl forget the albums disappointing sales stats..

American Idol has been so good to Jenny but that promo plateau is only as good as the material she channels through it. “I’m Into U” wasn’t the right direction to go after “On The Floor”. She’s made us dance and we want to keep dancing. The next thing we need to hear is “Good Hit”, the stongest and most uptempo track on the album. She needs to shoot a sickening video and promote the song like all hell. The public doesn’t even realize her album is flopping because “On The Floor” is still getting massive spins and urban and commercial radio. She needs to capitalize on that!

If Kelly f*** this up she’ll find herself in a deeper whole then she was before, much like what happened to Ashanti when she failed to followup “Only U” correctly… A similar fate awaits Jennifer is Def Jam doesn’t wise up and get on that A&R’s a**…

To Chris, congratulation yo, u made it!!! & to my ladies, GOOD LUCK!