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Kelly Rowland “Dirty Laundry” Official Video!!

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kelly roland album update

YES!!!! Kelly Rowland delivers her long awaited video for her 3rd or 4th single, “Dirty Laundry” and vivid and incredibly revealing look into her last relationship and he search for success in the music industry..


Kelly Rowland Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Jaguar!!

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kelly rowland and jag

YES!!! Kelly’s the new face of Jaguar cars, signing a multi-million dollar contract with the prestigious auto maker and shooting a commercial for her new employer over the weekend..

The diva’s album is also one of r&b’s top selling, while her singles continue to EAT at urban radio and she’s slated to return to work at X Factor this September, U.S this time!! #winning

Kelly Rowland Reveals “Talk A Good Game” Album Art!!

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talk a good game

YESSS!! Super sexy, super Kelly! The r&b diva will kick off her U.S tour, “Lights Out” with The Dream on May 23rd and the album will arrive June 18th, featuring contributions from The Dream, Wiz Khalifa, Future and ever former bands mates; Beyonce & Michele Williams!

Kelly Rowland Reveals New Album Release Date!!

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kelly rowland top artist

We really hate that she changed the name from “Year of The Woman” to “Talk A Good Game”, lame AF but she’s beasting at urban radio right now. Her singles with Future and Lil Wayne are mainstays while her new track “Kisses Down Low” has become a huge success for the album’s promo campaign!

We wish her all the best, can’t wait to hear the new track with Beyonce and Michele, rumored to be the next single and the title track of the album.. The album arrives June 18th!

Kelly Rowland “Talk A Good Game” Ft Beyonce & Michele Williams!!

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kelly rowland 4

It’s no DC track but it’s going to be a single off Kelly’s upcoming album, “Year Of The Woman”, due this year! The new single drops June 4th, expect a video to follow!

RapUp reports the following:

Beyoncé and Michelle Williams appear alongside Kelly on a record off Talk a Good Game. “It’s not a Destiny’s Child track, it’s me featuring Beyoncé andMichelle,” Kelly told Billboard, describing the sound as “soulllllll.”

The record marks the ladies’ first collaboration since the Pharrell-produced “Nuclear,” which appeared on the DC compilation Love Songs.

She also has a song featuring Wiz Khalifa and a duet with Pharrell. Other producers on the album include The-Dream, Mike WILL Made It, Boi-1da, and T-Minus. She logged studio time with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, but those tracks didn’t make the final cut.

Kelly recorded around 70 songs and had to narrow it down to 12. “I kept going back and forth with my A&R and my manager, we’ve all been on this incredible journey together, and they’re just like ‘Save it for the next album!’ Because you just get so passionate and excited about these songs, you lived with them, you birthed them along with the producers. You become so attached.”

The music was inspired by classic R&B including New Edition, Pebbles, and Babyface. “[It] feels like everything I wanted to make as far as music and R&B,” she said of the follow-up to 2011′s Here I Am. “I wanted to make sure my roots were really pronounced on this album.”

Kelly Rowland Premieres “Kisses Down Low” Official Video!!

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kelly kisses

We’re so proud of her! She’s killing the game right now, got the promo going HARD for this new album. “Ice” and her song with Future are eating at urban radio and “Kisses Down Low” was already in rotation! She’s been showing out on the red carpet and kept up with Beyonce at the Superbowl. This woman has found her niche, her confidence and her place in the industry, finally!

Kelly Rowland “ICE” New Music Ft Lil Wayne!!

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Sounds like she’s trying to capture the magic of 2011’s “Motivation” which also features Wayne… No problem with that but it has to bump, can’t just pick a slow beat and add Weezy to the equation and expect the same mega successful r&b track… 

“Motivation” is undeniably the most popular song of her career but she’s going to have to give us more then 1 hit record to from an entire album that’s fire to stay relevant!

“Here I Am” is a great album but the wrong singles followed “Motivation”.. That’s the most dangerous problem to have in this game, good music that no one hears… “I’m That Chick” should have been promoted with a video and live performances but that didn’t happen.. Would have been a monster r&b hit! I need the a&rs to get it right this time around!