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Keri Hilson “Pretty Girl Rock & Knock U Down” Live At NBA Allstar Game Pre-Show!!!

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I love her, this girl is sooooo pretty and her swag, those gloves, those pants, that top, Keri Hilson is EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t feel “No Boys Allowed” but she do damn pretty we all outta go pick up a copy for the hell of it lol!

Keri Hilson Dropping A New Album In 2011!!!

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Yessssssssss!!!!!!!! I love her but I loved her much more before I heard that lackluster a** sophomore album. There’s literally one song on the whole set that gets regular spins on my iPod. “All The Boys” is a great song, she really could’ve just put that on “In A Different World” though.

I think she’s back in the studio so quickly because she’s seen the error of her ways. While “No Boys Allowed” debuted with 100k+ it’s first week and “Pretty Girl Rock” remains in the Billboard’s r&b top 10, finding a new single is going to be a stretch. The first single “Breaking Points” didn’t make a splash at radio and  her 3rd radio submission, “Love Me” was foolish and was accompanied by an even more foolish video.

She’ll be back in the studio next month with Polow Da Don! Good luck Ms Keri!

Keri Hilson Talks Ciara’s “Basic Instinct” and Album Sells!!!

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The title makes you think she’s finna come with some shade but that’s not at all the case. She almost defended poor Ciara’s first week. 37,000 copies, that’s a mess but I saw it coming. She didn’t deliver a strong enough video for “Gimme That” but I’ll talk about that in another post!

The interviewers cut up but I’m sure there’s something to that Nicki Minaj having Lil Kim pulled but who really is tryna work with Lil Kim these days lol…

LOL, they straight went in on Chris!!!

Keri Hilson “No Boys Allowed” Full Album Review!!!

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Hmmmmm…. This one is iffy.. at first! Keri’s new album isn’t the fire debut that “In A Perfect World” was but “No Boys Allowed” is a solid album and a testament to her song writing prowess. Despite the foolish single choices and the way more the questionable “The Way You Love Me”, Ms Keri is still one of my favorites artist..

Highlighted Tracks:

– All Of The Boys

– Lose Control Ft Nelly

– Bayou Ft J Cole

– Let Me Down

– Breaking Point

“All Of The Boys” drew tears on this end, one of the realest love songs I’ve heard in a long time. She’s beast on the penz and writes from experience and her heart and you can really tell these are her words.

“Lose Control” sounds like something Rihanna passed on for “Loud” but it works, love it!!!

“Let Me Down” hit real too, even though it’s only a minute or so, love that song, love this album.

I’ll never forgive her for “The Way You Love Me”, FOOLISH! She also could have made better use of Chris Brown on “One Night Stand”, that weak vocal arrangement would have fit Trey Songz better. Chris’s voice is much stronger then that..

Again, it’s not the jewel that “In A Perfect World” was but it’s solid album.The production is on point even on the songs I don’t feel and she’s become a better singer over the years. Thank you Ms Keri..

The promo wasn’t handled right and she made some horribe singles choices after “Breaking Point” so I know this album isn’t gonna do sh** on that album chart, maybe a 3 or 4 debut but it’s solid!

Score Card:

Production – 5

Vocals – 4

Listenability – 3

Penz (writing) – 4

TrueClefMusic Rating: 4.00

I won’t say cop it immediately but it’s a good listen and I know there are a few songs that you’ll really love.

Keri Hilson New Music “Breaking Point”!!!

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I LIVE!!!! My girl is back, one of the most talented female song writers since the original Ashanti! Can’t wait for the new album!!!

This is the official first single from her upcoming album, “No Boys Allowed”. The album will be available sometime later this year and the video for the first single is scheduled to be shot sometime next month!

Keri’s one of the brightest and one of the most under-estimated. Her first album is second only to Mariah’s “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel”, GREAT ALBUM!!! I can’t wait to hear the new material!

Top Female R&B Albums In Recent Memory!!!

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There are many great r&b albums out there with a lot to give but some stand head and shoulders above the rest. A good album is comprised of music that is listenable, well written, produced, and sung. Names like Maxwell and Jamie Foxx come to find but I’m not going to be talking about the boys.. It’s the females that really give it to me, vocally at least.

I have carefully chosen 3 albums that have been released roughly in the last 2 years. Here’s what I came up with, from least to greatest.

At the time, I thought this was the best female r&b effort since Mariah’s “The Emancipation of Mimi”. Keri’s debut is incredibly well produced and written! That’s where she got her 5’s, the 5’s that pushed her review to a 4.50 overall.

The album was listenable but the vocals aren’t as stellar as I needed them to be. She’s a good singer but doesn’t possess as much range or versatility as the other 2 women on this list.

This album completely surprised me!!! Monica came hard with a strong and extremely listenable r&b album that has become a bridge between Ms Keri and my #1 choice. Her album is more listenable then “In A Perfect World” and better sung. Monica’s voice is just as crisp as it was when she debuted in the mid 1990s. This album came out a few weeks ago, if you don’t have it, COP IT IMMEDIATELY, she did the damn thing!

This album is by far the best female r&b effort in recent memory, with vocals and listenability that sore high above the other two projects presented here. The production and writing are on point and this is perhaps Mariah’s best Def Jam release to date…perhaps better then “The Emancipation of Mimi”.. COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Written By RJ DaMonarch

April 14th, 2010

TrueClefMusic Grammy Coverage 2010!!!

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Keri Hilson In The Studio Working on 2nd Album!!!

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YES!!!!!!!!!! “In A Perfect World” is one of the best female r&b albums in recent memory and Ms. Keri doesn’t plan on changing the formula too much. She will work once again with Polow Da Don, Timbaland, Danjahands and only adding Will.I.Am & Kanye West to the mix, her collaborator on 2009’s “Knock Ya Down”.

Expect the album 3rd or 4th quarter 2010, rumor has it that she plans to do battle with Queen B yet again, having coming out of her first encounter not victorious but with no real harm..

Plies “Medicine” Official Video Ft Keri Hilson!!!

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TrueClefMusic Awards 2009 “Best New Artist”!!!!

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So….. 2009 has seen the rise of several amazing new artist. Only one of them can walk away with this honor. The nominees are as follows:

* Lady Gaga

* Keri Hilson

* Kid Cudi

* Drake

All 4 of these artist delivered stellar debut albums, slayed chart and radio in some capacity and established a name for themselves. The purpose of this short article is to evaluate each and determine which artist came harder out the gate!

Every single this skinny New Yorkers released has been a top 10 hit (“Bad Romance”, “Paparazzi”, “Love Game”, “Pokerface” etc. She’s likely charted better and sold more albums then the other 3 nominee’s put together. She’s become a global phenomena, making friends in extremely high places and seeing more success then artist that have been doing this for years…

She’s arguably released the best female album of the year. Her genre wouldn’t allow her to outsell Gaga but her runaway hits “Turnin Me On” and “Knock Ya Down” slay’d at radio and Ms Keri is perhaps the most celebrated urban female artist of 09 aside from Beyonce of course.. Cop “In A Perfect World” immediately if you haven’t already!

Well….. I did need for nominees. Cudi started off well but quickly lost steam. His radio hit “Day&Nite” put him where he needed to be but he hasn’t excelled much since and frankly many ppl wouldn’t be able to point him out on the street if he was walking right next to them.  All that may change soon however. He’s been assigned to Lady Gaga’s “Monster’s Ball” tour in place of Kanye West, who dropped out for the sake of the show. He cut up on Taylor Swift on national television a few months ago and hasn’t yet been forgiven. Great opportunity for Cudi though!

YES!!! I love this Canadian!!! He did just about everything the three artist above have done but more or less completely un-sponsored. He unquestionably had more hustle, churning out hits on his own with nothing but tour money promote them. He just recently signed with Young Money, has enjoyed massive success at radio/Billboard and gained the respect of icons like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & Kanye West… Stand up Toronto!!!

So who gets the statue???

The Fame Monster herself, the chart success, album sells and overall buzz simply can’t be match!  She wrote every song on her debut album and helped produce the bulk of it. She’s much more then the pop tart she appears to be. She’s veryyyy talented and very deserving of this honor. Gaga Stans rejoice!

Keri Hilson “Slow Dance” Live!!!!

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keri live

She’s not a great singer but Ms Keri can sing a song. I love this one, the lyrics, the production is all on point! Her debut album is easily one of the best records of the year!

Keri Hilson New Video for Hot New Single “Slow Dance”!!!

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keri hilson slow dance

Keri Hilson has garnered two major billboard and radio hits with “Turnin Me On” and “Knock You Down”! She’s following up with one of the best songs on her FIRE debut album “Slow Dance”! If you don’t have that album you haven’t heard the best female r&b record in years!!! COP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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R Kelly and Keri Hilson Official Video “Number One”!!!


r kelly and ms keri


Whose the Best New Artist of 2009, thus far???

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letter s

o… a lot of new artist have hit the airwaves, giving us a fresh take on several genres and reviving radio. Among these artist are Lady Gaga, Keri Hilson, Kid Cudi and Drake… There are a few others but these 4 all really doing it right now!

I slept on all each one when they started to come up, didn’t feel Lady Gaga until “PokerFace”, Keri Hilson until I bought the album, Kid Cudi and Drake until I really listened. All great artist for different reasons.

lady gaga bna

Lady Gaga is the first serious Britney Spears competitor EVER, with all the makings of an icon; different, talented, sexy and refreshing. Her first 2 singles from the debut album “The Fame” crowned Billboard’s Hot 100, while the 3rd stands to do the same, charting at #8 this past week!

lady gaga bna

She’ll be touring this year with Kanye West, promoting her debut and working on her next...

kid cudi bna

Kid Cudi is one of Kanye’s new artist. “Day-N-Nite” tipped us all of to what and where Kanye got some of ths music from “808s & Heartbreak”. He was obviously inspired by Cudi’s techno/hip hop vibe and with the success of this first single, it appears most of us are…

kid cudi bna2

Expect Cudi’s much anticipated debut album to drop in the coming months.

keri hilson bna

Keri Hilson stormed onto the scene with her fire first single” Turnin Me On”. Unfortunately her remix of the same song threw a little too much shade at the urban music game’s Queen B and turned many of us OFF!

keri hilson bna2

I finally purchased the album and after hearing perhaps one of the best r&b in recent memory I decided to forgive her. Keri Hilson is SLAY’N the game right now, flying high with a Billboard top 10 hit and enjoying every minute of it! Hate it or love it!

drake bna

Drake has been releasing mix tapes for some time now but he finally got the game’s attention a few months ago. His mix tape tracks started getting heavy radio airplay and that was all she wrote.

drake bna2

He’s Yung Money’s newest bill and is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut album. We should have it very soon!

All that said; who is the best new artist of 2009???

Personally, I think Keri Hilson and Lady GaGa  got the fellas on this one. Both these chicks are on fire right now and I expect both to be nominated for that “Best New Artist” Grammy…

We’ll see how the rest of the year plays out for these 4…

Keri Hilson Tops Billboard’s Radio Chart!!!!!!!!


keri slayin!

One of the year’s best new artist is killing the charts and radio right now with her FIRE second single “Knock You Down” which features Kanye West and Ne-Yo!!! The Track is currently #1 on the Top Radio Songs Chart!

If you haven’t heard the album or you’re sleeping on Ms. Keri PLEASE DON’T! I was just like you but she’ll knock you down after a few spins of “In A Perfect World”… Trust…

Peep Keri’s other Billboard Chart positions for the week:

#4 Hot 100
#7 R&B/Hip-Hop So…
#9 Pop Songs
#12 Digital Songs
#12 Ringtones

Click the album cover below to read TrueClefMusic’s full review of the album!!!

keri's album

The Showdown: Beyonce’s “I Am Sasha Fierce” vs Keri Hilson’s “In A Perfect World”

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keri's albumB NEW COVER

So…… As most of you know I was sleeping, snoring and in complete comatose when it came to Ms Keri… That is until I heard her debut album, I LIVE!!!

As you also know, I am a huge Beyonce stan!

I believe that an artist like Beyonce doesn’t benefit from EVERYONE telling her she’s so great, she’s perfect because in actuality no artist is. Honest feedback is the key to staying on top in this game… If she is to remain Queen her fans have to be honest with themselves and her…

b and keri article

In this new article I’m going to compare and contrast two great records from two very different artist, give the pros and cons and ultimately choose a favorite. I’mma jump right in!

Let’s begin with Keri:

Her comments about Beyonce shortly before her album release insured more then a few albums were gonna be left of the shelf her first week. That turned me and a lot of people off and that’s a shame because this is really one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time.

keri's album


* strong debut

* one of the best produced albums of 2009

* great lyrical content, highly relatable writing

* well thought out and well executed

* extremely listenable


* Weak vocals leave you wanted more

Now the Queen B:

When I heard about the concept for this third album I was real excited. I missed R&B Beyonce, last seen on “Dangerously In Love” but couldn’t get enough of “B’DAY”, perhaps the best urban dance pop album EVER! Essentially what I thought when I swiped my MasterCard for 13.99 was one disc r&b and one disc urban dance pop… We all know that’s not what is.



* single ladies video

* something for almost everyone

* sasha disc fire

* Something new from Beyonce

* Bold approach


* substantially weaker then previous 2 albums

* clear crossover effort

* ill executed concept

The “Sasha” disc is hot but not as hot as the 10 tracks on the original “B’DAY”, not by far…

Basically what we have here is a weak follow up hiding behind the success of 1 or 2 singles, a HUGE promo campaign and left over fire from Sasha’s real introduction” B’DAY”… Not a bad album but not at all what it should have been…


A well calculated debut no one saw coming from a great new artist. Though she’ll never wield as much power, vocal prowess or commercial value as Beyonce, she did come HARD with this one! My only issue with her is in a perfect world she’d have a stronger voice…

I know the Beyonce stans are gonna slay me for this one but it is what it is. She delivered a good album but at the end of the day it looks, sounds and is an experimental crossover album, a science project. “I Am Sasha Fierce” isn’t as rewarding or as strong as it should have been.

b and keri article 2


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jamie and bet awards

Okay, now let me break it all down.

I thought it was amazing and very brave of Ms Jackson to address us so soon, almost in tears, an icon herself. Pray for the Jackson family, R.I.P Michael.

They should have flew Mariah and Trey Lorenz in for that “I’ll Be There” tribute, Jamie was all over the place, though Ne-Yo did his best to make up for it…

So….Beyonce was a mess for that boring a**, lame a**, almost unacceptable for the Grammy Awards even performance. If she really wanted to pay homage to the king of pop she should have torn that stage to shreds like he would have done, come on B.

Keyshia looked amazing but that song is trash! Even with Monica… They perform well together though.

Keri, I love you but it was kinda wack. She was doing WAY too much for me! We love MJ too bu you were cuttin up for those sox!

Why does Ciara INSISTTTTTT on singing live???????? Damn!

Drake and Young Money KILLED it! Very good!

Jay-Z had the best performance of the night, D.O.A sounds soooooo much better live then it does on wax, The Hov slayed this evening!

All in all, I was pretty disappointed with the show but I know MJ passing away threw a monkey wrench in program, it all seemed a lil last minute but they only had about 3 days so I’m not gon trip. I think Mike would be proud

Here are the nights big winners:

Best Male Athlete – LeBron James 
Best Male Hip Hop – Lil Wayne 
Best Female Hip Hop – M.I.A. 
Best Collaboration – Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain 
Best Male R&B Artist – Ne-Yo 
Best Actress – Taraji P. Henson 
Best Actor Will Smith 
Best New Artist – Keri Hilson 
Best Female R&B Artist – Beyonce 
Video of the Year – Beyonce, for Single Ladies 
Viewer’s Choice Award – T.I. ft Rihanna (Live your Life) 
Humanitarian Award – Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean 
Lifetime Achievement Award – The O’Jays 
Lifetime Achievement Award – The O’Jays 
Humanitarian Award – Alicia Keys & Wyclef Jean

Keri Hilson “In A Perfect World” Album Review!!!


keri's album

Yea I know I’m late with this, bought it a while ago but I was too high on Chrisette Michele’s album, which I purchased at the same time, to give Ms. Keri’s any time… When I did finally hear her out I have to say I was a pleasantly surprised…

I love the production and her lyrics were shockingly relatiable, really good songwriter right here. My only problem is with her vocals. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good singer, american idol top 12 but she’s not capable of anything inspiring from a that standpoint…As a matter of fact her voice is exactly what Ciara’s would be after 12 months with the same vocal couch that got Beyonce together back in 03… Not bad but not great either…


* Tell Him The Truth

* Make Love

* Slow Dance

* Intuition

These are the songs on the album I listen to on the regular. “Tell Him The Truth” has got to be my favorite, she got me thinking about some not so nice things I’ve done in relationships.

“Change Me” was also something I could really relate too, been in that situation SO many times!

I’mma have to give her a 10 for being so damn listenable, played the whole album without wanting to kill myself or write her label a nasty letter. I really wanna say that this album is VERY similar to what Mariah’s 08 project was…Listenable, relatable, well produced, well written but not delivered as well as it could have been, though she bettered E=MC2…

TrueClefMusic Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Great debut album Keri. I lived a lot more then I anticipated but I really want you to give it to us next time…

Keri Hilson Performs at WAMU Event!

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keri at wamu

Well…. that’s my favorite position too Ms. Keri! LOL. Interesting…. She’s been all over the place performing and promoting her debut album “In A Perfect World” which I just just just purchased about a week ago, been meaning to review it but I listened to Chrisette’s first and can’t stop spinning it. I’mma get around to it this weekend promise. I know y’all been waiting for me to speak on this one…

Jamie Foxx to host 2009 BET Awards!!! Nominees Announced!!!

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Yes!!!! Mr Foxx will be hosting the popular awards show this year. He’s also nominated for a few awards for his December 08 album “Intuition” which is really one of the best R&B cuts of this decade. Other nominees have ben announced as well….

Beyonce up for video of the year

T.I and Rihanna are up for best collabo for “Live Your Life”

Keri Hilson, T-Pain and Lil Wayne are also up for a handful of awards this year!

The Dream, Foxx and Ne-Yo square off in almost all the male R&B categories so this should be a pretty interesting show.

The performers haven’t been announced yet but expect Queen B to take the stage for sure!!! I would also go ahead and count The Dream, Foxx, Ne-Yo, Kanye West and Keri Hilson. T.I would perform but he’s expected to turn himself in to the authorities and begin his one year and a day prison sentence on May 18th or 19th. Y’all kno the awards are always in June so Tip will be watching from his cell…