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Kid Cudi Announces “Man On The Moon III” EP!!

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Cudi’s out on his own for whatever reason, not sure why he left the security of the G.O.O.D Music family but he seems to be doing ok on his own.. He’s announced a new album, well a prelude to it and is actively touring around the country..

RapUp reports the following:

Man on the Moon 3 isn’t due until 2015, but Kid Cudi plans to hold his fans over with new music. The former G.O.O.D. Music signee announced that he will release a prelude EP within the next three months.


He shared the news with his fans during his “Cud Life” tour stop in Grand Prairie, Texas, on Wednesday.

“When I give you the release date, it will be 24 hours before it’s released,” said Cudi. “You won’t know when it’s gonna happen, but it’s definitely gonna happen in the next three months.”

The EP will include contributions from Dot Da Genius and King Chip, with “that classic Kid Cudder energy.”

“Now this will be a prelude to Man on the Moon 3,” he explained. “It’s all attached to the story. When Man on the Moon 3 comes out, you’ll be able toplay this EP and segue into Man on the Moon 3. It will be a seamlessconnection.”

Man on the Moon 3 is the third installment in his Man on the Man series following 2010′s Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.


Kid Cudi Sets High Expectations For “Indicud”, New Album & Release Date!

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We love Cudi’s look and his sound but his music as a whole often leaves us completely un-inspired but he’s set some high expectations for this new album. We’ll see if he can deliver.

RapUp reports the following:

Kid Cudi is moving forward with his album plans. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper has set an April release date for Indicud.

The oft-delayed project will arrive April 23, he announced via Twitter.

He thanked his fans for their patience, while setting the bar high. “I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyones patience w me and support with this project,” he tweeted. “Its the best. No one will top it or come close and thats just what its gonna be. Ahead of everyone forever.”

Indicud, which Cudi previously compared to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001, is expected to feature collaborations with Kanye West, Pusha T, Jaden Smith,Kendrick Lamar, and more.

The project has spawned the singles “King Wizard” and “Just What I Am” featuring King Chip.

In Case You Didn’t See It Yet…Kid Cudi Straight Showed His Ass Yet Again!!

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The video isn’t as bad as I imagined, the way the events were communicated to me, I thought he went on a coked out rampage and totally trashed the stage. Nevertheless, Kanye needs to do something about this young man. The bad boy image is cool, marketable even but he’s representing the entire label.. Such behavior has to cease!

Apparently whoever was working the sound decided it had gone on long enough and decided to go the audio and Cudi’s mic…. I’m sure they had words, that’s what should have been caught on camera lol!

Kid Cudi “Erase Me” Official Video!!!

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I like the video and even the song! I hope there a more tracks as good as “The Pursuit of Happiness” on this upcoming album…

Kid Cudi “Erase Me” Ft Kanye West!!!

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This track is designed for the commercial markets, autotone and pop, where’s the bass? MTV is gonna eat this up but Cudi isn’t gonna get any spins at black radio… It’s the first single from Cudi’s upcoming album, “Man On The Moon 2”!

This tack might find it’s way on Ye’s “Good Ass Job” too, specifically for the commercial appear of it.

Oh and why does Ye sound like a female???

Kid Cudi Changes New Album Title, “Man On The Moon Part II”!!!

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The recording process for artists can always go in numerous directions and sometimes they realize that they should scrap straying from the original and stay true to what their fans know them for.

This is the case for Kid Cudi as the rapper has decided to change the name of his album, again, and essentially change the whole vibe/sound that was initially planned.

Stating that the next release, expected to drop in August, will have a dark tone, Cudi only felt right in creating a sequel, Man On The Moon II:  The Legend of Mr. Rager.

I took a step back, went on tour, and realized I’m where at because of the type of songs I write.  Every time I read a comment from someone saying I’ve touched their lives in some way is what made me want to stop f**king around and continue pouring my life into my music.”

Source: HipHopWired

Hmmmm…. nobody was really check’n for the orginal “Man On The Moon” though I do live for “The Pursuit of Happiness”! For the most part, the rapper fell off the map after his top 10 hit “Day-N-Nite” started to descend the charts and the popularity of rival MC, Drake continue to grow..

Cudi has a lot to prove with this new album and hopefully it’s comprised of more tracks like “The Pursuit of Happiness”…

Kid Cudi Locks Lips With Male Fan!!!


Apparently, fans don’t seem to know their boundaries as it relates to keeping their distance from artist’s during performances as Kid Cudi had yet another altercation with a fan.

Cudi was alongside British Pop star Dan Black at Cinespace as he is currently featured on the U.S. remix version of Black’s single “Symphonies”.

This time, however, Cudi was the recipient of the “attack” as a male fan jumped on the stage, during his performance in Los Angeles, and planted a kiss on his face.

Fortunately, the Ohio native didn’t respond violently and instead chose to continue performing.

Let’s be thankful that the rapper didn’t hear a bell ringing in his head to sound off for a round two against the fans.

Continuing his work in music, the rapper is still preparing his sophomore albu, Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution and is also getting his start in acting as Domingo Brown in HBO’s new series, How To Make It In America.

Source: HipHopWired

LMAOOOO!!!!! Remarkably Cudi keeps his composure and refrains from wear’n oh dude out BUT it’s interesting how just about any other gesture has sent him into a** whoop’n mode, the Nike rep that wanted him to remove his Reeboks at a benefit, the socialite that didn’t call him back and clowned him at an industry party and even that n**** that threw his wallet at Cudi during his brief stint on Lady Gaga’s tour GOT THE BUSINESS! Hmmmm….. no further comment!